Tax Strategy

This document is published by AlphaSights Holdings Ltd (together with its direct and indirect subsidiaries, “AlphaSights”) for the financial year ending 31 December 2022, in accordance with the requirements of Part 2 of Schedule 19 to the Finance Act 2016.


Since its founding, AlphaSights has pursued a clear mission: to unlock the treasure of human knowledge that is locked in millions of minds across the world, and to power success for its clients, people and stakeholders.

To achieve its mission, AlphaSights has built and operates a global knowledge-on-demand platform on and through which clients engage with subject matter experts and access expert knowledge efficiently, safely and in near real-time.

AlphaSights aims to maintain its reputation for highest standards of business conduct, to operate profitably, and to attract, develop and retain highly qualified professionals.

AlphaSights believes in the importance of, and takes pride in, the fiscal contributions to society both as a corporate taxpayer and through the employment of taxpayers.

Tax governance and control environment

The tax strategy is developed by the chief financial officer and group tax manager through close engagement with the directors. The group tax manager is responsible for the day-to-day implementation of the strategy in setting and testing of tax policies and controls, and the consistent application of said tax policies and controls.

The chief financial officer and group tax manager are responsible for setting and maintaining appropriate internal controls around tax processes, identifying and monitoring the group’s various tax obligations and settling them consistently and promptly.

Tax planning

AlphaSights seeks to accurately establish tax implications and obligations arising as its business evolves, in light of decisions taken, and, where relevant, to proactively plan to mitigate any tax risk.

AlphaSights has a low tolerance for tax risk and does not engage in artificial tax planning schemes.

Tax risk management

AlphaSights manages any exposure to tax risk prudently, ensuring that its compliance obligations are met. AlphaSights does not seek to structure transactions in ways that would result in tax results which are inconsistent with their underlying economic consequences.

Relationship with tax authorities

AlphaSights works to help tax authorities develop a good understanding of its business. This is reflected in its approach to enquiries from tax authorities, which AlphaSights aims to handle promptly and efficiently.

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