From our Founders

Along our entrepreneurial journey over the past 25+ years, we have learned a few basic tenets that we believe lie at the heart of both career and business success. We don’t claim that these tenets are ‘right’, but they are ours and we hold them dear. As these tenets shape the culture and day-to-day life at AlphaSights, we hope that sharing them will help you get to know us and our company better.

Andrew Heath

Andrew Heath
Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Max Cartellieri

Max Cartellieri
Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Work hard, find meaning

In any business, success requires hard work – long hours of focused thinking and laborious doing. Even then, success is not guaranteed. Unless you enjoy and find meaning in the work you do, chances are you will not put in the amount of effort required to even have a shot at success.

Working at AlphaSights is not easy – our clients are demanding, competition is tough and our own expectations are high. What sustains us through the highs and lows is the belief that we are critical to our clients’ success; that unlocking knowledge accelerates progress at large; to learn and grow, every day, from interacting with sophisticated clients, experts and colleagues across the globe; and to be building something bigger than ourselves.

Obsess over others’ success

Our own success derives entirely from the success we create for others – starting with our clients. Notwithstanding how hard it is to measure, client success is our ultimate north star, and word of mouth is our number one growth driver.

From the very beginning, we have focused on offering faster, safer, easier access to uniquely relevant knowledge to help our clients succeed. Today and forever, maintaining our edge requires us to continuously innovate, tinker and tweak everything we do to keep our clients succeeding.

Hire great people

Companies exist because we can achieve incomparably more together than we can achieve individually. What distinguishes great companies from others is the amount of effort and focus everyone puts into hiring the right people and forming them into great teams.

At AlphaSights, we seek to hire people who possess outstanding abilities in terms of thinking (IQ) and behaving (EQ). We give them significant ownership right from the start and count on their innate curiosity, ambition and initiative to produce astonishing results.

The success of our homegrown leadership team and our alumni is testament to the fact that AlphaSights is a great environment for people who want to take ownership, achieve results, and accelerate their own progress.

Strive for excellence

We believe that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well. We seek to perform to objectively high standards and continuously improve on the status quo, driven by a desire to always achieve a better version of ourselves and AlphaSights.

Striving for excellence is exhausting, but we believe it is far preferable to the inevitable alternative: settling for second best, accepting mediocrity, slipping into stagnation and irrelevance.

Keep learning, keep trialing

We believe that those who keep learning, keep rising. We are in the business of helping our clients learn how companies and industries work; like our clients, we approach every day with a growth mindset, aware of how little we know, and keen to extend our understanding of the world around us.

More often than not, finding out what works and what doesn’t work requires trial and error. Mistakes are an integral part of the evolutionary process that makes us better. It is ok to make mistakes; it is not ok not to learn from them.

Care about the long term

Compounding has been referred to as the eighth wonder of the world, and we view compounding as one of the most underrated ingredients of success. Hard work, continuous learning, integrity, the courage to take risks, and a long time horizon can generally be relied upon to deliver outsized results. We focus on what we can achieve for our clients, our colleagues and our company over the long term, not the next quarter or year.

Enjoy the journey

Life is a journey, not a destination, and so is success. We started AlphaSights to bring our passion, our work, and the people we want to be with, into one and the same journey. We are on a long-term quest to build a world-class business that helps our clients succeed, and that inspires and develops some of the business leaders of tomorrow. We care more about the journey than about the eventual destination, and we make sure to regularly stop and celebrate the wins along the way.