Gender Pay Gap

Introduction to gender pay

AlphaSights Ltd, as a UK employer, presents its gender pay gap report in respect of the pay and tax year ended 5 April 2022.

The dedication and hard work of everyone at AlphaSights supports a platform on which women and men, today and going forward, can and will construct professionally and economically rewarding futures for themselves and their families.

Gender pay gap reporting looks to measure pay earned across all women and men employed by AlphaSights Ltd. This is different to pay equality by role. At AlphaSights, we are very proud of our clear role and compensation progression, which has enshrined pay equality in our company.

Our gender pay results

The reason for our pay gap is unequal representation in senior leadership and certain technical roles with high compensation. While there is pay parity between women and men occupying the same role, there are more men than women working in senior leadership roles and certain technical roles. The compensation of the UK-based Co-Founder also contributes to the pay gap. For this reason, the pay gap information below is set out both including and excluding the UK-based Co-Founder.

Hourly Pay Gap

Percentage of Women in each pay quarter

How we are addressing representation of women

We are committed to improving the representation of women in senior leadership roles and other roles with high compensation. We want each and every woman who joins AlphaSights to consider it possible through drive and results-orientation to rise to a senior, highly compensated role in the business. We are confident that our objective, merit-based talent management processes, in combination with the increased number of women choosing to embark on their careers at AlphaSights, will see more women advance to hold more senior, highly compensated roles in the company.

Statutory declaration

I confirm that the information and data in this report are accurate and in line with the requirements of the Gender Pay Gap Reporting Regulations.

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Andrew Heath

Andrew Heath
Co-CEO, Co-Founder