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What defines life at AlphaSights?

AlphaSights serves the world's top investors and business leaders. Our success depends on our ability to field an elite team that clients view as an extension of their own organisation. Our people are the core of what we do, and we are relentless in our commitment to finding, developing, and promoting world-class talent.

Our talent philosophy is simple. We hire ambitious, values-aligned early-stage professionals and offer them the opportunity to own their results, build a track record of achievement, and accelerate their career advancement.

Our values

Fundamentally, we exist to deliver client success, and to power career success for the people at AlphaSights. When we succeed along these dimensions, company success naturally follows.

Since launching in 2008, we have maintained the same five core values. We hire based on these values, promote based on these values, and live by these values every day. If they resonate with you, we encourage you to apply to join the journey.

  • Results-orientation
  • Drive
  • Adaptability
  • Humility
  • Empathy

Results-orientation is at the heart of our culture.

The world's top investors and business leaders rely on us for rapid access to precisely-matched experts. The world's leading experts rely on us to facilitate high-quality engagements. As colleagues, we rely on each other to go above and beyond to help each other succeed and make AlphaSights the global leader in knowledge-on-demand.

The bar is high, but our accelerated career paths and performance-based incentive programs make it worthwhile to go further, faster.


AlphaSights is a client service business, which means we're only as good as our most recent performance.

Since 2008, we've scaled from a handful of colleagues to a team of 1,500+. We've built long-standing relationships with the world's blue-chip investment funds and businesses, and we've established a trusted brand in a new industry.

This would not have been possible without the intense drive our colleagues bring to work every day, as well as our relentless commitment to going the extra mile for our clients, for our experts, and for each other.


Digitization and advances in AI make access to codified knowledge truly universal - a commodity at everyone’s fingertips.

Partially as a result, uncodified knowledge - human knowledge and expertise that exists in people's heads - has become more precious than ever. Twenty years after its emergence, the knowledge-on-demand industry is generating $2bn in revenues – a number that’s continuing to grow as it's becoming a must-have for investment and business decisionmakers.

AlphaSights is a pioneer in this growing industry, and every day brings new challenges and opportunities. From delivering a new product, to launching to a new team - adaptability is critical for life at AlphaSights.


As a high-growth firm in a high-growth industry, a better version of AlphaSights is always on the horizon.

We are constantly welcoming new colleagues, launching new products, building new teams, releasing new technology, and finding better ways to serve our clients.

In this environment, everyone - from our interns to our leadership team - faces new challenges and learning opportunities each day. Humility is essential: what was great yesterday won't suffice anymore today.

Our best people have a strong growth-mindset, are motivated by making others successful, and forge ahead without ego.


AlphaSights connects clients with the unique, context-specific, human knowledge found in the minds of millions of experienced professionals worldwide.

We are fundamentally a people business; our performance depends on our ability to understand our clients, our experts, and our colleagues - and to help them succeed. The skills that make this possible - from team leadership, to client relationship building - all require deep empathy and a high degree of emotional intelligence.

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