Industry-leading compliance

Since 2008, our comprehensive program has enabled millions of safe expert interactions around the globe.
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A compliance program developed over a decade with the world's top investment funds

Our industry-leading program ensures confidentiality and safety on every interaction. Clients and experts alike are protected by our rigorous legal framework and policies, our high-calibre global team, and our proprietary risk management technology.


Leading investment funds trust AlphaSights compliance.


Experts background checked and signed up to AlphaSights legal framework prior to any interaction.


Legal and compliance professionals worldwide.

Call compliance

The AlphaSights program starts with our high-calibre team of 60+ legal and compliance professionals. Hailing from the world's leading law firms and graduate programs, our team spans 9 global cities to ensure diligent coverage of every AlphaSights interaction, 24/7.

Cutting-edge proprietary compliance technology underpins everything we do. Vetting information provided by experts is automatically cross-referenced against the AlphaGraph, to identify risks instantly. Compliance algorithms assess the unique risk profile of every scheduled interaction, and make smart recommendations for enhanced human review.

Whatever the engagement, we go the extra mile to deliver safe and secure knowledge on demand.

Content compliance

AlphaSights content undergoes a strict multi-layered human review. This is conducted by our highly-qualified client protection professionals, who read and assess every sentence featured, including for potential confidential or sensitive information. Flags are handled through multi-stage escalation policies, laddering up to our General Counsel.

Our comprehensive review process sits alongside our robust legal framework. All participating investors, moderators, and experts are subject to our terms, and benefit from a systematic lattice of approvals, attestations, and trainings. This ensures our practices represent the highest industry standard.

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