Expert Professional Code of Conduct

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AlphaSights’ mission is to unlock humanity’s knowledge to power progress for professionals, businesses, and society. In order to achieve our mission, we maintain and enforce a set of standards to both protect and respect all parties involved. This Code of Conduct outlines our expectations for our Experts towards AlphaSights’ clients, employees, third parties and fellow Experts.

Please note that nothing in this Code of Conduct is intended to supersede any obligation or responsibility accepted by you in the AlphaSights Terms of Engagement and the Compliance Undertakings. Any breach of this Code of Conduct may result in the termination of our working relationship with you.

Compliance undertakings

At AlphaSights, all parties participating in a transaction are subject to our robust legal and compliance framework which includes four main principles that all Experts are required to adhere to:

  1. You must not disclose information that is specific to any company of which you are currently an employee, officer, director, consultant, agent or representative;
  2. You must not disclose any material non-public, confidential or proprietary information about any subject matter while working with AlphaSights and any of its clients;
  3. You must not participate in a transaction if it creates a conflict of interest for you personally or in relation to any duty you owe to a current or former employer or third party; and
  4. Every transaction must remain confidential including its participants, subject matter and the identity of the client.

AlphaSights does not permit participation by any individual who has in a personal capacity (a) been convicted of a felony; (b) been the subject of sanctions administered by any jurisdiction; (c) been the subject of an investigation by a securities regulator in any jurisdiction; (d) been a defendant in any proceeding where fraud or violation of laws is alleged; and/or (e) been subject to any such convictions, sanctions, lists, investigations or proceedings.

Accurate representation

Your Professional Information and Experience:
You must not mislead or deceive AlphaSights’ employees, clients or third parties regarding your expertise and relevant experience with regards to the scope of the transaction, and you must not accept opportunities that are outside of your areas of experience. Additionally, you must provide accurate, up to date and verifiable information regarding your career history, legal name, affiliations and professional experience. Accordingly, you are required to update AlphaSights if such information changes prior to a transaction.

You are required to provide your own insights and thoughts based on your knowledge and expertise. As such, you must not take the work, ideas or thesis of any third party and pass it off as your own when participating in any transaction, including any Expert Engagement Record, which includes, without limitation, calls, surveys or work product for clients. This includes using Artificial Intelligence (‘AI’) to produce insights and thoughts and pass these off as your own when participating in an interaction. Utilizing information directly and exclusively from AI tools, such as chatbots, is prohibited. You may only share any third-party information if you have the required authorisation and where you have made it clear that such information is not your own.

Professional behaviour towards AlphaSights, its clients and third parties

You are required to behave in a professional manner towards AlphaSights’ employees, clients and third parties at all times.

Discrimination and Bullying:
You are required to treat everyone equally and with respect in every transaction you are engaged with through AlphaSights. AlphaSights does not tolerate treating individuals differently based on race, ethnicity, natural origin, religious affiliation, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender, or disability. Any use of hostile, abusive slurs, racist or sexist remarks towards anyone in oral or written communications is prohibited. Personal attacks are not tolerated and you should not state an intention to inflict any violence on any parties involved.

You are required to respect our employees in connection with your dealings with AlphaSights. Given the nature of our business, it is not uncommon for extended periods of time to pass between engagement opportunities. Please do not persistently or repeatedly reach out to AlphaSights’ employees regarding new opportunities, as our dedicated team will contact you if the appropriate opportunity arises. AlphaSights is under no obligation to provide engagement opportunities to any Expert.

You are required to be available and on time for scheduled AlphaSights transactions. Most importantly, please be prepared to share your perspectives and knowledge regarding the scope of the transaction. If you need to reschedule or realize that you will be delayed, you should contact your AlphaSights point of contact immediately so that we can reschedule with the client, if appropriate.


AlphaSights may, in its sole discretion, terminate its working relationship with you at any time, including as a result of your failure to comply with this Code of Conduct. If appropriate and permissible, we may choose to provide feedback and an explanation for any violation of this Code of Conduct.


If you have any questions about this Code of Conduct, please contact the Expert Relations Team at