Who We Are

AlphaSights is at the forefront of a sophisticated, competitive industry. To remain a leader, all of our people need to deliver excellence every single day. That’s why we’re committed to hiring and developing people who will thrive in our fast-paced, results-driven environment. Here, everyone contributes to building our business.

Client Services

As our revenue engine, the Client Service team connects our clients to experts. They’re “always on,” handling client requests and changing needs. At the entry level, you’ll take briefs, research sectors, identify and assess experts, and connect them to clients. Over time, you’ll manage a team, grow accounts, and run your own book of business.

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Specialist Functions

We’re continuously improving our organization and the products and services we provide clients. Our specialist functions lead the charge on global teams including Client Protection, Finance, Communications and Marketing, Professional Development and HR, and Operations.

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Attributes We Look For

Success in an environment like ours requires more than credentials and certificates. It requires specific traits and character attributes. The people we hire demonstrate:


Do you set and smash through targets, love scoring the clinching goal for your team, and have the drive to excel beyond what’s asked of you? We do too. With drive, we set ambitious goals and push through obstacles to achieve them. We embrace a whatever-it-takes mindset and challenge ourselves to go beyond our comfort zones to continuously improve and never settle.


At AlphaSights, we believe we’re successful when we make our clients successful. Our top performers are energized by the thrill of immediate reward and revenue while staying focused on maximizing our clients’ outcomes. They think about every angle of a client’s problem, come up with actionable solutions, and execute on their ideas to deliver results.


Working at AlphaSights necessarily brings with it changing circumstances. Our most successful colleagues handle uncertainty, ambiguity, and change with confidence, positivity, and poise, rather than self-doubt, worry, and fear.


Many truly successful people are deeply humble. This mindset allows them to view the world with a growth mindset, enabling learning and development at every turn. At AlphaSights, we believe humility paired with confidence helps build an environment of continuous improvement without any sense of entitlement.

Emotional Intelligence

People are the foundation of our business, so developing and maintaining strong, trusted relationships is central to succeeding at AlphaSights. Those who succeed here are inherently empathetic and curious about others and their experiences, which helps them successfully engage with people across industries and levels.

Our People

Our Culture

We’re in this business to execute a big, future-proof mission: to help professionals succeed by connecting them to the knowledge they need to make the best decisions. Whether we connect a leading investor to specific expertise in a faraway market, help a corporation understand a new continent, or work with a social entrepreneur through Knowledge for Good, our social impact business unit, we believe access to knowledge drives human progress.

AlphaSights has a distinctly “always-on,” dynamic feel to it. We thrive off each other’s energy. If you walk around one of our offices, you’ll feel the buzz. The lively atmosphere comes from our commercial focus, the pace of our work, and the type of people who flourish here.

We strongly believe that a universal commitment to incremental improvements—rather than any top-down, silver bullet strategy—makes a company great. At AlphaSights, everyone shares this responsibility. From devising new ways to better serve clients to growing the firm and embracing difficult questions, continued progress demands that everyone bravely challenge the status quo.

We look for well defined character traits, but we embrace that people from many backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities possess them. We have former teachers, lawyers, servicemen and women, entrepreneurs, bankers, and consultants. Our people enjoy hanging out together and know each other well enough to navigate the highs and the lows as a team.

At AlphaSights we’re proud of our healthy streak of competitiveness and make a point of celebrating our successes. Whether it’s our annual office retreats, a last minute team outing, or a well-earned drink after work, celebrations here are never too far away.

Why Join Us

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