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Mehdi is the Senior Vice President of Platform Access with a global focus on enhancing and advancing the expert, executive, and service partner value proposition, delivered by AlphaSights.


As a knowledge on demand firm, AlphaSights provides relevant experts to the world’s top-tier investment and business professionals via a range of services including 1:1 conversations, surveys, and meetings.

First-time experts often have many questions about working with a knowledge on demand provider such as AlphaSights. In this post, we share all you need to know about serving as an expert and how to maximize these opportunities.

What does it mean to be an “expert”?

Knowledge on demand firms like AlphaSights engage with professionals ranging from company CEOs to telephone technicians to content creators — better known as experts. These companies reach out to experts based on each individual client project — this practice ensures that the conversation is valuable and relevant for both parties.

Clients are often looking to explore new markets, invest in high-growth companies, and refine current business strategies. This means leaning on knowledge on demand providers to find the right experts that will close their knowledge gaps and provide insight they wouldn’t otherwise have.

The knowledge clients seek from experts is tacit which comprises experiences, intuition, insight, and skills that are locked up in the human mind and not widely available or accessible to others. The role of knowledge on demand providers is to find, unlock, and disperse this knowledge to those who seek it. In doing so, this knowledge becomes a key source of value creation. 

Experts are individuals with this valuable, experience-based knowledge, active across a large variety of industries, companies, and geographies. Their careers span from customers and suppliers of products to functional leadership at thousands of companies, from Fortune 100 to high-growth start-ups. Experts possess knowledge based on their unique experiences and are sought by professionals who seek that knowledge to make superior business decisions.

Interested in learning more about what it means to be an expert at AlphaSights? Check out what our experts have to say in this video!

What’s in it for you?

Each day, hedge funds, private equity firms, strategy consultancies, and Fortune 100 conglomerates make large scale investment decisions and strategic recommendations to the tune of billions of dollars combined. 

As an expert, you have the opportunity to connect with individuals such as these to inform them on industry insights and upgrade their thinking. In doing so, you serve as an active participant in the global exchange of knowledge, driving progress and innovation. 

Benefits of being an expert:

  • Join conversations with top-tier investment and business professionals around the world
  • Expand your professional network and gain exposure to people, organizations, and experiences you haven’t had the chance to before
  • Keep a pulse on the latest activity in your industry
  • Receive remuneration, barring ineligibility, for sharing your experience via phone calls, meetings, surveys and other interaction formats

Becoming an expert — the process

Once a client comes to us with a knowledge need, our team identifies the right experts using publicly available information to ensure relevance and suitability. 

The typical expert engagement process when working with AlphaSights is shared below. We aim to provide clients with expert suggestions as quickly as possible, so we work at speed to source and engage with relevant experts.

Expert interaction journey

Take a look at why experts choose to work with AlphaSights in our video here.

Expert vetting call

By taking the time to vet experts for each individual client project, we’re confident in providing a high-quality match between clients and experts. 

Typically, AlphaSights seeks to understand your experience, knowledge, and availability through brief discussions over the phone. Our initial invitation to discuss an expert opportunity may sound high-level at first. This is normal and standard practice. The goal of our initial conversation is to understand your experience and knowledge before providing more information about the client project. This approach ensures that you’re considered for the most relevant projects and that our clients’ information needs remain safe and confidential.

Vetting calls last up to 10 minutes on average and allow our team to better map your knowledge and background to live client requests. 

We asked experts about their experiences and 82% agreed that our short vetting call is a more enjoyable and convenient way to discuss nuanced topics and answer questions, compared to long-winded emails or online questionnaires. Phone conversations also allow both the expert and AlphaSights team to build a relationship, get to know each other better, and align on the project’s details. 

Is expert knowledge safe?

If you’re a first-time expert, you may have questions about confidentiality and non disclosure undertakings. The vetting call is also a great opportunity to ask our associates any questions and clarifications about our process and the nature of our compliance framework.

Before an interaction is arranged, experts are required to go through our Legal & Compliance onboarding/framework, which ensures that any potential interaction takes place within a professional and secure framework. Pursuant to AlphaSights’ agreements with clients and experts, confidential, proprietary, or inside information should not be solicited or discussed.


Once the interaction is complete, we will follow up with you to close out the project, gather your feedback, and discuss any final inquiries you might have.

We will remunerate you [if you’re eligible] for the time you dedicated to the interaction. Our associates will discuss the different potential remuneration options that we offer with you before you engage in an interaction.

Continuing your partnership with a knowledge on-demand firm

Once you’ve completed your first interaction, there may be future client projects that would benefit from your knowledge. The exact point of when your knowledge may be requested is highly dependent on client needs.

Helpful tip: To increase your chances of working with a knowledge-on-demand provider, keep your LinkedIn profile updated and visible to users outside your current network so firms can easily review your former and current experience.

To learn more, visit our expert page here.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Check out answers for some expert-related FAQs below.

What is AlphaSights?

AlphaSights identifies and engages subject-matter experts and executives who can assist our clients in their market research. By connecting clients directly with experts for targeted conversations and surveys, we enable our clients to address their knowledge gaps and make better decisions. Expert benefits include compensation, stimulating industry discussions, and the opportunity to expand their professional network.

Why did I get contacted by AlphaSights?

When we get in touch, it’s because we believe one of our clients could be interested in connecting with you based on our understanding of your professional experience. Whether you’re a senior executive, manager, doctor, buyer, academic, engineer, or anything in between, your experience is unique and may be valuable to our clients. Our team identifies you using a range of online platforms, networking sites such as LinkedIn, or via referrals from individuals we’ve worked with previously.

Can I participate if I’m currently employed?

The majority of experts we work with are currently in full-time employment, and AlphaSights interactions easily fit into a busy schedule. Your participation is in a personal capacity and not as a representative of your employer. If in doubt, please check with your employer, and let us know if they have any objections to your participation.

How can I sign up with AlphaSights?

We appreciate your interest in working with us as an AlphaSights expert. There is no expert-driven application or sign-up process with AlphaSights at this time. But there are two things you can do:

  • You can make sure we can easily understand and identify your expertise by keeping your professional networking sites up-to-date with regard to your positions and experience.
  • If we do contact you for a specific project, please respond promptly – our clients are working on time-sensitive initiatives and are often looking to connect for an interaction within 48 to 72 hours.


For answers to more AlphaSights FAQs, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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