The Value of Knowledge

Data and information become static and outdated as soon as they are published. Through the internet, written research is readily available to any individual or organisation at the click of a button. But companies who build their intellectual advantages on the basis of knowledge instead, stand the best chance of innovating, making progress and succeeding.

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Who We Serve

Our clients are senior professionals at multinational corporations, investment funds, strategy consultancies and non-profits. They are specialists in their respective roles and sectors and wield significant influence and decision making ability.

Our role is to help them navigate a global, ambiguous and fast-changing competitive arena by enabling them to access relevant, actionable knowledge quickly and efficiently. Helping them unlock perspectives, generate insight and create exclusive, proprietary new knowledge that others don't have.

How We Help

As a global leader in knowledge search, we provide our clients with direct, one-on-one live interactions with knowledgeable experts who can shed light and provide insight into whatever question or issue is at stake. Whether by telephone, in-person or through short- and long-term engagements: personal one-on-one dialogue is the most effective way for our clients to elicit and onboard new knowledge:


We conduct bespoke searches and vet all experts in light of our clients' specific requirements. Our clients rate > 95% of AlphaSights interactions as highly relevant.


> 90% of all interactions occur within 72 hours from our clients' briefing


Live, interactive client-expert dialogue means our clients can direct the conversation to whatever area they wish to explore.


All interactions are protected by strict confidentiality agreements and take place within a rigorous, industry-leading compliance framework.

How Clients Work With Us

Strategists, marketers and senior executives at major corporations look to AlphaSights when gathering market intelligence, preparing a strategic initiative and benchmarking projects. We serve professionals at a range of organisations, from rapidly scaling start-ups to multinational conglomerates - including many of the global Fortune 500.

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Leading consultants work with AlphaSights to enhance their industry knowledge during client pitches, private equity due diligences and corporate strategy projects. Consultants work with AlphaSights to quickly gather a variety of perspectives as they research specific companies and markets of interest. We serve consultants and professionals at all major professional services firms including 3 out of the top 3 strategy consultancies.

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Private equity professionals rely on AlphaSights throughout the investment cycle. Whether sourcing deals, conducting due diligence or during portfolio management, access to expertise enables them to ramp up quickly, identify opportunities and make progress. Our clients include 8 out of the top 10 private equity funds in the world.

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Long-short funds, equity and credit researchers and distressed debt investors work with us when assessing companies and opportunities, holding their own client events or reviewing potential investments in-person. We serve top tier investment professionals at banks, hedge funds and asset managers.

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Knowledge for Good is our social impact business unit.

We partner with organizations that are tackling some of the most difficult challenges the world faces today.

We believe in the power of impact investors, non-profit consultants and social entrepreneurs to accelerate progress for society and the planet. That’s why we’re partnering with innovative organizations to give them access to highly relevant knowledge that will help them expand their capacity to make an impact.