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A role on the client service team (CST) at AlphaSights is fast-paced, client-driven, and results-focused. Right from the start, you'll be developing and owning relationships with clients and connecting them to the knowledge they need to make the best decisions. You'll be working directly with them, thinking on their behalf, and proposing solutions that solve their unique challenges. And you'll be measured on the value you deliver. Watch the video to see CST's work in action.

Lay the Foundations for Your Career Success

With significant autonomy and responsibility, our people learn at a high velocity, developing key skills for career success along an accelerated career path. Associates learn soft skills that are in demand today: negotiation, account management, project management, critical thinking, professional communication. Managers develop a strong foundation in people and account management. VPs learn what it takes to be strong business leaders.

The CST role provides exposure to a wide range of industries and the principles of building a world-class client-oriented business.

Your Client Services Career Journey

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Years 0-2

Serving Our Clients

All great businesses start with a superior value proposition. At AlphaSights, the task of delivering this and maintaining our reputation rests on the shoulders of our Associates.

As an Associate, you’ll learn what it means to serve demanding clients at private equity firms, hedge funds, top-tier consulting firms, and Fortune 500 companies. Your aim is to have clients rave about your excellent service and to view you as a partner, rather than service provider. That means being responsive, professional, and focused on results. The Associate position is for smart, business-minded individuals who are excited by a hands-on, high-pressure role. You’ll need to think on your feet as you speak on the phone with people across industries and levels, from C-level executives to front-line workers.

Commercial Execution

“Generating revenue for the firm within my first few months has given me direct responsibility and a valuable insight into how the business works. It is clear to see how my day-to-day work impacts the bottom line, and having measurable results is intense but rewarding”

Henry Ulmann, London
Confident Communication

“Before joining AlphaSights, I was terrified of getting on the phone with anyone I didn't know, let alone a senior level executive. A few months into my time here, I already started to see myself change. Instead of hesitating and procrastinating picking up the phone and giving someone a call, I just did it. Now, 10 months in, it's not only second nature to pick up the phone and call someone, but I'm also confident that I can speak to any C-level executive in an educated, intelligent manner.”

Alexandra Osborn-Jones, New York
Critical Business Thinking

“Working at AlphaSights provides you with a platform to understand the most cutting edge industries in all geographies around the world, while working together with smart and driven team members that are all looking to advance their professional careers and have fun in the process.”

Ryan Keller, Hong Kong
Fast-Paced Project Management

“Given a client's focus can sporadically change 4 or 5 times in a single day, handling 7+ projects that can each have multiple work-streams is no easy feat. I've become extra diligent in my communication and efficient with my time and delivery so that everything is being handled.”

Jay Sehgal, New York



Years 2-5

Leading A Team

Our Managers ensure AlphaSights runs smoothly across geographies, time zones, and language barriers. They help recruit, train, and backstop Associates, and work on challenging projects or when client demand calls for it. They also plan the months, quarters, and year ahead to ensure we can deliver for our clients.

Successful Managers may be promoted to Vice President at AlphaSights. Alternatively, they may move on from AlphaSights into managerial or commercial roles at other successful companies, or attend leading business schools such as Harvard Business School, IESE or London Business School.

Team Management

“I've had the opportunity to coach a dozen people in the past 2 years. Understanding how different people think, act and respond to feedback is one of the biggest challenges: the learning curve is steep and being able to help someone develop is a skill set I can bring to any job.”

Caroline Schwarzman, New York
Client Success

“Negotiating my first commercial contract with a new multimillion pound client was a watershed moment - I’ve now been through the process many times across different client types, handling objections and complex decision-making processes.”

Jonathan Patterson, London
Firm Contribution

“I noticed the need for a particular product offering for our clients, and discussed the idea with our Technical Director for several months to take it from ideation to implementation. It was brilliant to see one of my suggested products help better our process in delivering service to our clients.”

Sandy Reid, London

“Through our emerging leadership training programme, I’ve developed an understanding of my own preferred cognitive style. This has been critical in helping me spot when I’m approaching problems in a certain way, and how to deal with different personality types.”

Fiammetta Di Liscia, London


Vice President

Years 5+

Growing The Business

AlphaSights’ business is the sum of businesses run by our Vice Presidents. Acting autonomously, our VPs develop and execute their own strategies for a given geographic region or market. Their remit includes winning new clients, growing existing accounts, recruiting and leading new team members, and firm-wide initiatives. The typical path towards the VP role is via the Associate and Manager positions, but we do occasionally hire experienced professionals to build out their own business at the VP level.

Business Development

“Given the growth at AlphaSights over the past few years, business development within existing and new clients has been crucial to our success. We’ve organically grown accounts and won referrals into new ones, showing me how best practice business development works.”

Sean Corrigan, New York
Relationship Building

“Walking into multi billion dollar hedge funds and bulge bracket investment banks to represent AlphaSights is a challenge but one I relish. Building strategic relationships at the top of these client and prospect organisations is an exciting opportunity at this stage in my career.”

Rob Wootton, London
Interviewing and Hiring

“Hiring the right candidates for key positions is the key to succeeding in any environment. Having had the opportunity to interview hundreds of people for these roles, I have developed the skills needed to assess talent and bring on the right people for the role.”

Greg Sexton, New York
Expanding The Firm

“I’ve spent several hundred hours now reviewing and interviewing candidates, asking increasingly more sophisticated questions to determine aptitudes and fit, and all within the context of a larger, globally integrated recruitment machinery.”

Charlie Sutherland, Hong Kong
Strategic Planning

“Planning and budgeting is an integral skill for any leader, and AlphaSights provides a platform for its leaders to develop fundamental, bottom-up budgeting skills. I’m responsible for setting sales targets for the teams, as well as presenting monthly, quarterly, and annual budget projections to the CEO. This forces me to think critically about the business and ensure that all scenarios are accounted for.”

Alexander H. LeClair, New York
Organisational Troubleshooting

“Because of our trajectory since I’ve been with AlphaSights, you’re watching a firm grow and evolve around you every single day. This can bring with it multiple complexities but as a member of the senior team you learn to become proactive in approaching them and, if that fails, reacting in the right way.”

Rob Wootton, London

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