We're building the next-gen platform that provides real-time access to knowledge that’s dispersed, hidden, and underutilized.

Engineering at AlphaSights

Knowledge matchmakers

AlphaSights directly connects investors, consultants, and corporate strategists with industry-leading experts to fill knowledge gaps and sharpen decision making. The software engineering team builds the technology that powers our business, enabling these connections to happen faster, more reliably, and with better precision. Our team has only scratched the surface of how technology can play a role in the company’s direction and strategy.

Building a global marketplace for knowledge exchange

Have you ever found yourself in a foreign city asking a stranger for advice based on their wealth of experience? Our clients are in the same position, exploring unknown territories and needing insights and knowledge only hands-on experience can provide. They’re demanding professionals making high stakes decisions in fast moving environments. AlphaSights connects them to highly relevant knowledge that gives them an edge.

Why join us?

10% time for personal development

Our team members get time to tackle projects outside of their usual workload to further develop skills and experiment with new technologies.

Direct access to feedback

Our clients are internal so we have ready access to the feedback and insights we need to do our best work.

Make a big impact

We take a bottom-up approach that encourages everyone to make a difference on the team’s roadmap from day one.

Wellness and savings benefits

Full medical, dental, and vision benefits plus pension/401k contributions and discounts on gym and transportation.

Fun culture and social budget

We're a social group and have a monthly budget that supports it, giving us the chance to bond outside the office.

High-growth global company

We have a global work environment with 30+ languages spoken across our nine offices. Our team has the opportunity to travel and work with colleagues around the world.

Open source contributions

What’s on our minds