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Actionable Insights Within Days

To test ideas, make decisions, or move projects forward, you need fast access to precise, relevant knowledge. But how do you find it? You can try market research reports and search engines, but the information will be generic and the process time consuming. You can tap your personal network, but those individuals probably reinforce, rather than challenge, your hypotheses as a result of having similar experiences to your own.

At AlphaSights, we source and qualify the best industry experts for our clients to speak to via phone, in-person meetings, and full-day workshops. Within days of launching a request with us, you’re armed with relevant, actionable business insights.

How It Works

Whether you’ve done significant research or have a preliminary idea to test, call or email your AlphaSights Account Manager with the questions you’re looking to answer.

Within days, you’ll see profiles of Advisors who possess relevant insights. For every project, we custom source and qualify all Advisors within a strict confidentiality framework.

You’ll review Advisors’ profiles, which will include a summary of their career history and specific knowledge that’s relevant to your request. Then let us know which Advisors you’d like to speak to.

We will schedule a mutually convenient time for you to speak with the selected Advisors either by phone or in person.

After your initial expert calls, we’ll collaborate with you to determine if there are additional perspectives we should pursue.

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The AlphaSights Difference

Before AlphaSights, the “expert network” industry only consisted of companies that provided databases of experts. But with over 350 million knowledgeable professionals in the world, odds are slim that the best person to answer your question is waiting in a fixed network for your call.

At AlphaSights, we believe that a conversation with the right person can be a game-changer. That’s why we do things differently. Instead of limiting our Advisor base to a predefined network, we act as a knowledge search firm.

Tailored Search

We don’t rely on a database of people who’ve self-identified their areas of expertise. Instead we reach into the furthest corners of the professional world to find you the most relevant and knowledgeable Advisors.

Bespoke Vetting

Before we present Advisors, your Account Manager vets them according to your specific project and requirements. You only see people we think will add value to your initiative.


Using a third party to identify and engage relevant individuals allows your company to keep its initiatives private and minimizes industry chatter.


More than 90% of all initial interactions occur within 72 hours of our clients' briefing request.


All interactions are protected by strict confidentiality agreements and take place within a rigorous, industry-leading compliance framework.

How We Help Your Team

Corporate Strategy

Exploring new markets and business opportunities, better serving existing or potential markets, and improving internal processes.

Research, Engineering, and Innovation

Investigating new technologies and their application as well as effective methods of commercialization.

Business Development and Sales

Exploring potential sales opportunities and understanding how to improve existing customer relationships.

Corporate Development and M&A

Executing due diligence on potential investment opportunities and evaluating the potential impact of a target.

Product and Strategic Product Marketing

Scaling the reach and improving the effectiveness of offerings as well as understanding new market opportunities.

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