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TechOps at AlphaSights

November 29 |

Growing up in a technology-focused generation, I’ve always enjoyed learning and imagining how technology would improve our everyday lives. As a kid, I loved to take electronics apart to learn how the internals functioned, understand design elements, and imagine the thought process behind creating the products.

While studying Criminal Justice at John Jay College, I began working for Apple at eighteen as a Specialist and lead Visual Team member. This job made me realize that technology piques my interest more than anything else. Working for Apple taught me so much more than product knowledge; it taught me about myself. As one of the largest and most successful companies in the world, their mission was not to bring in the most revenue, but to help and improve the lives of people with their technology. This tiny device [iPhone] that most people carry around all day long, empowers us to do incredible things. At one point, the iPhone had more technology packed into a 3.5” device than NASA used to go to the moon in 1969. That thought alone made me realize how far we’ve come in the industry and our generation’s greatest advantage to be successful.

Beginning my role at AlphaSights as a Support Technician about six months ago, I immediately felt welcomed gratitude from the inspiring young talent here. Technology is the foundation for a company’s success, so it’s crucial to have a knowledgeable and driven team to maintain peak security and system performance. Thanks to the backing of my team, this role allows me to step out of my comfort zone and make crucial decisions in order to solve problems.

Corporate environments can be intimidating, but AlphaSights expresses a welcoming feel thanks to the office’s modern design and architecture.

Between team events, perks, and the overall atmosphere, the company encourages us to enjoy ourselves at work, allowing us to relieve stress and drive success.

Our team is very mobile around the office, so it’s important to have open communication and establish a trusting relationship with each other. When someone asks what my favorite part of my job is, my answer is always the people I work with. Having similar interests and personalities makes coming into work each day enjoyable. We have a great balance between work and fun throughout the day.

Engaging with such a wide variety of people is a great way to build trust and confidence in our team. Many complex problems arise in the day to day, so it’s important that our users trust our team to be responsive and detail-oriented when working with the technology that helps augment their performance. As our company grows, we’ll face more challenging projects and larger goals to accomplish. I’m excited to learn and broaden my experience here and see how the company evolves as it continues its rapid growth.

Mike Saccomanno joined AlphaSights in May of 2018 and serves as a structural engineer on our TechOps team.