Springboard Your Career: The AlphaSights Summer Associate Internship

Not all summer internships are created equal — some interns find themselves with a less challenging workload than anticipated. A great summer internship rewards drive, inspires adaptability, teaches humility, fosters empathy, and leads to visible results for both student and employer.

At AlphaSights, these values are at the core of our Summer Associate Internship, a 10-week boot camp for success. Rising seniors are given the opportunity to fully experience life at AlphaSights with the potential for high-performers to receive an employment offer post-graduation.

See what our summer associates have to say about their internship experience:

“The small team size and close-knit atmosphere have allowed me to get to know the associates and managers on my team really well in a short time. I truly feel like I am valued by the people I work with and have learned so much from them.

The AlphaSights internship is unique compared to other internships because I got a large amount of responsibility and autonomy early on. In the first couple of weeks I led a project from start to finish without having my hand held and I felt really motivated by that level of trust. It makes for a steep learning curve but it’s very rewarding.”
Clare Conroy

The dynamic, fast-paced environment at AlphaSights allows me to get an all-encompassing view of how professionals work through project management, problem-solving, and client service.
Throughout my experience I have been treated like a full-time employee.
The people around you embrace your ideas and experiences and really make your internship experience as professional, enjoyable, and developmental as possible.
David Coronado

AlphaSights has some of the most hard-working, dedicated, and gritty people you’ll ever meet. Working side by side with this community has taught me so much in only a few short months.

You won’t get as much hands-on business experience anywhere else as a rising college senior. I’ve worked with industry professionals, including current and former c-suite executives, that I never would’ve been exposed to otherwise.
Edward Millet

My favorite part of the summer associate internship so far is getting to work in a team setting to gain transferable skills, while also being given the freedom and trust to juggle many responsibilities.

Whether they’re full-time associates, managers, or other interns, people at AlphaSights have taken the time to introduce me to their role within the business and the insights they have gained. The ability to learn from individuals with a wealth of different experiences has made the internship infinitely more valuable.
Jelinda Metelus

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The Summer Associate Internship is designed for students entering their final year of university. Our interns receive the same training, autonomy, and responsibilities as our full-time employees. A summer with AlphaSights means an introduction to the business world, a chance to start building transferable skills, and working in a collaborative team environment. High-performing interns are also eligible to receive offers to join us as full-time employees after graduation.

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