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How Client Protection Gave Me the Career Clarity I Needed

June 12 |

Recent graduate and Client Protection associate, Brittany Spinelli, discusses her application process and path to AlphaSights

The Application Process

When my parents asked what priorities I had in mind when I envisioned my career, I felt the same overwhelming pressure as selecting a college major that would align with a variety of career trajectories. There were so many options, so many different things I could do.

As an Economics major, I’m fortunate that my internship experiences offered freedom to stretch across a selection of niche professions. I delved into both the private and public sector only to still feel unclear about my future career path as the end of my time at the University of Florida neared.

My job applications ranged across a large assortment of industries, from a business associate in Florida to a staff assistant in Washington DC. I knew my ideal workspace would provide opportunities to improve my analytical skills, develop my confidence, and provide an outlet to showcase my reliability, management skills, and diligent work ethic.

I was perusing LinkedIn when I stumbled upon the Client Protection Associate position with AlphaSights. The job title and listed responsibilities described the career I’d been searching for but wasn’t sure existed: a position at the intersection of business and law.

AlphaSights became my first and only interview.

After accepting the job, the usual question from friends and relatives followed, “What exactly is Client Protection at AlphaSights?” I relayed the major topics I took away from my interviews, including mitigating risk, serving as a knowledge broker in the information services industry, and working across the globe. These topics were what initially piqued my interest and satisfied the curiosity of my companions.

As I neared my move to New York City, my mind was brimming with hesitation, questioning my decision to leave my friends and family behind. After more thought, I grew excited about my new city as I realized the potential opportunities I’d have. I’d gain exposure to working at a high-growth, high-impact business in a position with a legal component while leaving my comfort zone and indulging in the interesting activities and cuisines New York has to offer.

career clarity
Brittany exploring her new city

Life at AlphaSights

The first week at the desk bridged the gap between my expectations and the reality of the position. I envisioned a role that would integrate the functions of a paralegal and a corporate lawyer, sans the Juris Doctor. I predicted hours of executing mundane tasks but was greeted by operational work that’s contributive and engaging, as we’re constantly communicating and problem-solving with our internal partners, the Client Service Team.

The high level of responsibility awarded early on in the job is exciting and empowering; I have the opportunity to pioneer projects that promise tangible results. After only two months, I’m independently leading my first project, conducting interviews with managers in our NY, London, and Asia offices. My success is predicated on crucial factors, including my organizational skills, time management, attention to detail, and thorough research. Just as I had aspired, my role consistently sharpens my leadership skills, while my team provides me with ample resources to surpass my goals.

AlphaSights is a quarry of innovative and proactive thinking that encourages conviction in our opinions, admires tenacity, and allows us to see the direct value we bring to the company.

career clarity
The Client Protection team enjoying a team event at paint and sip