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High-Autonomy, High-Support: Specialist Functions in Asia

March 20 |

At AlphaSights, the core of our business grew from our desire to serve as the world’s knowledge partner. Our co-founders, Andrew and Max, recognized that the most valuable information lies within people’s heads, despite the fact that we have access to more data and information today than ever before. In today’s economy, companies attain a competitive edge when they have access to information and perspective gained through a deeper, human understanding of how things work, formed over years of experience. Our co-founders’ mission was to build a company that would make it faster and more efficient for businesses to access this specialized, professional knowledge and share it across sectors and geographies. 

In AlphaSights’ early years, serving clients was our main focus, so we built our Client Service Team and trained them to source the best expertise to help our clients make better-informed decisions. Though AlphaSights grew organically for many years, we recognized the need for different functions to support and enable more revenue, employee engagement, and headcount growth. Over the last few years, AlphaSights started to invest significantly in creating a variety of specialist functions dedicated to elevating our firm and advancing progress within and outside of our organization. 

Specialist functions include teams that support commercial, creative, technical and business enablement functions. Our specialist functions build the operations, processes, technology, and products that power our business. Working in a specialist role means helping to continuously deliver an industry-leading experience and premium service. Your work will impact the success of our people and clients worldwide. 

specialist teams at alphasights

What Can We Offer You? 

AlphaSights has a lot to offer to career-driven professionals. Across our specialist teams, you’ll have the opportunity to drive impact and work on agile, fast-growing global teams. You’ll have support from your teams around the world, but in our fast-growing Asia offices, you’ll be able to define, build, and evolve new processes for your specific team in the region. In this high-impact role, you’re able to positively influence change in our business, elevating your career with each experience. These positions call for someone who’s highly ambitious, thrives in an autonomous environment, and is prepared to innovate in their day-to-day. 

Kammy Kwan, an associate on our Professional Development team, reflects on her experience: “When searching for a job, I wanted to find an innovative, quickly-growing international company with a strong culture of communication and self-improvement. I knew this type of environment would accelerate my professional growth and enable me to have a greater impact on the firm. At AlphaSights, I love that my role is both high-autonomy and high-support. As the only member of the Professional Development team in Asia, I exercise independent critical thinking and decision-making on a daily basis, but I’m very much linked to my global team as well. I always have support from my European and American counterparts, but have the freedom to design region-specific initiatives that can then be incorporated globally.”  

In addition to offering high-autonomy and high-support roles, we’ve created structured career paths for each employee so your future opportunities within the firm are clear. Our transparent, unbiased promotion processes ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. From day one, you’ll understand what’s expected in order to advance your career at AlphaSights, and you’ll have a clear picture of the responsibilities you’ll gain from moving up in the organization.

We continuously strive to make AlphaSights a great place to work, which is why we offer fully-stocked kitchens, monthly team events, and quarterly office-wide social events. We reward our employees for all of their hard work and cultivate a supportive, collaborative culture by bringing people together outside the office. During Asia Firm Day, for example, members of the four regional offices gather for a fun weekend away to celebrate the outstanding growth of the region with global leadership, including both co-founders Max and Andrew.

Our Core Values

We look for more than just credentials and certificates and recruit based on character attributes. Regardless of the role you’re looking for, we seek employees who possess our five core values: drive, results-oriented, adaptability, humility, and emotional intelligence. 

Drive is the dedication to keep moving forward. Our people set us apart, bringing ambition, determination, and energy to daily challenges. We hire individuals who have the strength to excel beyond what’s asked of them. 

Results-orientation is the ability to push our firm to new heights and never settle for the status quo. AlphaSights is committed to client excellence day in and day out. Our specialists enable this by empowering employees to be successful and engaged in their role so they can deliver for our clients. 

Adaptability is taking every new challenge head-on, and making it work no matter what. Our people are flexible, ready to embrace uncertainty, and eager to thrive in challenging situations. At our fast-growing company, your role will constantly change, and you’ll need to pivot quickly and think on your feet. 

Humility is putting the team first and understanding that wins are the culmination of efforts by your colleagues. Our employees are humble heroes, comfortable in sharing success and failure alike in order to create a feedback-driven environment in which everyone continues to learn. We seek what is best for the whole, rather than pursuing individual gains at the expense of others. 

Emotional intelligence is the capacity to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathically and is the key to building successful relationships. We’re genuinely interested in other people’s perspectives, and try to see the world through their eyes. 

Ultimately, our people embrace a whatever-it-takes mentality and go above and beyond in their daily work. We spoke to Charles Sutherland, Vice President, Asia, to get his perspective on how specialists add value to the firm:

“Traditionally at AlphaSights, we focused on revenue-generating functions. When we were still in the early start-up phase, we prioritized commercial-facing roles, but as we’ve grown, we’ve come to think about our business in a more sophisticated way. Now, we’re like architects building skyscrapers. We have a blueprint, we know where we want to be in five or ten years time, and we know how to get there. We view specialists as the supporting frame around that building— they buttress our commercial functions and enable their success. The specialists we’ve hired in Asia have been some of the most impactful individuals in this region, and have pioneered new functions that have impacted the global business. Joining AlphaSights is quite an exciting opportunity for people willing to lean into uncertainty and impact a global business.”

What a Successful Interview Looks Like

Our most successful candidates are those who show us how they embody our core values in the interview process. We’re looking for people who are passionate, gritty, and enthusiastic about what they do. We want to hear stories about how you exhibited adaptability when faced with a challenge that you overcame. We’re curious to know about the time you were pushed to think outside the box and fearlessly confront the status quo. We’re interested in understanding how your emotional intelligence helps you navigate tough interpersonal relationships and deliver candid feedback. Through your personal narrative, we hope to understand how you’ve lived our core values and have the potential to thrive in this organization. 

At AlphaSights, our specialists never work back-office jobs. We look for people who possess an entrepreneurial spirit and are ready to make the role their own. You’ll put new and improved processes in place to support our Client Service Team in delivering value to our clients each day. That’s why the talent we hire is so important to us. 

If you’re an ambitious, driven, gritty individual who’s looking to take the next step in your career, AlphaSights has a lot to offer. In our quickly-growing Asia offices, you’ll likely be one of the founding members of your Specialist team, helping to bring a new function to life. Through this, you’ll be able to help our teams innovate, evolve, and build processes for our high-growth firm. We’ll give you the tools you need to build something incredible, with unparalleled learning and development opportunities through 1-on-1 training (often with global team members), in-house Career Services and Professional Development teams, and access to resources and tools that will help drive your career forward. We’ll equip you with the tools you need to be successful— just come eager to get to work and ready to embrace autonomy. Check out our open positions here!