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Charity House: Bringing My Passions Into the Workplace

July 10 |

Growing up in Ecuador, I witnessed firsthand the importance of giving back to the community. I learned from my parents that one should always take time to help others in need. With their example in mind, I became involved in social organizations and projects in and outside of school. I continued my passion for volunteering while in college, and participated in The Ghana Social Summer Program. During this program, I spent 8 weeks in a rural community of Ghana working with local NGOs. It was inspirational to be a part of an organization that had such a large positive impact.

When I began my career search, I decided that, while I wasn’t going to work immediately in the international development and nonprofit space, I wanted to continue my passion for volunteering where I worked. As soon as I joined AlphaSights I was allowed to put this into practice. After my first four months with the company, I joined The Charity House, a firm-wide initiative that focuses on giving back to the community through volunteering. For our first event, the Thanksgiving Food Drive, we worked to donate over 500 food items to City Harvest. We also had a week-long initiative for Nepal where we successfully raised funds to help the individuals that were affected by the earthquake. A company favorite was when we organized a month of service in which every Friday people across the office volunteered with local organizations to pack and deliver food for elders. We also supported our Hong Kong team with their Charity Run and we are a consistent partner to Junior Achievement in the Greater New York City area.

Having now been at AlphaSights for over a year, I am thrilled that I’ve been able to continue my passion through The Charity House initiatives. It can be difficult to continue your hobbies and passions when you begin working in a professional environment. However, it is important to find that balance and support in your organization to keep doing what makes you happy.