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AlphaSights’ Knowledge For Good Partnership

July 10 |

During my first 18 months at AlphaSights in the Hong Kong office, I’ve been involved in a plethora of stimulating projects covering industries as diverse as semiconductor fabrication plants to predictive policing software (not as ominous as it sounds). Yet few have been as rewarding as the recent projects we have been engaged with through our Knowledge for Good program, a pro-bono initiative through which we have partnered with leading international non-profits including Ashoka, Acumen, Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), and CDC Group, to leverage our core capability – providing fast, flexible access to highly relevant knowledge – to the non-profit sector.

The typical projects we work on cover a vast array of topics and no two days are the same. However, the opportunity to work with non-profit partners on projects that are aimed at helping to solve key global challenges, such as climate change, poverty, and access to education, amongst others, is truly exciting. That so many of these issues are also clustered in pockets of Asia is an added benefit. Having lived in Asia for the last 3 ½ years and having traveled to numerous countries where such problems are prevalent, I felt a strong conviction to get involved however I could.

Having subsequently become one of the Hong Kong representatives for Knowledge for Good, I have led several fascinating and rewarding projects with our partners. These have included the expansion of a network of low-cost schools, impact investing, and the financing of solar panels for low-income families in South Asia.

To delve deeper into one of these projects, we recently worked with a low-cost provider of private schools in India that is currently focused on expanding its network of schools across the region. Over time, the provider recognized the damage that high teacher absenteeism, substandard curriculums, and limited financial resources were having on the education of low-income students. As a result, our client was trying to determine how to best tackle these challenges and provide access to quality education for low-income students in India. To help close these knowledge gaps, we searched for many relevant experts who had previously experienced and resolved these same issues in Africa and India who were able to provide evidence of the strategies they used to overcome such problems.

As our current Knowledge For Good partnerships deepens and new partnerships emerge, the opportunity for AlphaSights Associates to become involved in such projects will continue to expand. That AlphaSights enables one to work on projects driving global investment decisions is fantastic; that it encourages you to do so while also playing a role in solving some of the most crucial social issues of the 21st century is profound.


Darragh joined AlphaSights in June of 2014. He serves as a Vice President of our Consulting segment in our Hong Kong office.