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What Separates You From Success?

July 29 | Uncategorized

We often lose sight of our future vision and long-term goals in the daily grind of everyday life. Recently, however, I read an article that helped me take some time to reflect on the work I do at AlphaSights. I am fortunate to have worked with colleagues across our offices and have noticed that this is not just a great place of opportunity, but also has a culture of success. We are all smart, capable individuals but there is one thing that makes people here (and anywhere else for that matter) successful – the relentless focus is on something I’d define as ‘grit’.

Grit, in my view, is about two key things. It starts with working hard and powering through difficult times. By remaining determined and focusing on your immediate goals, treating a small request from a colleague the same as a project for a senior client, you can generate a positive spiral of success. But beyond that, it is about embracing failure as part of the learning process, with the ultimate goal of innovating and challenging the status quo. Everyone who wants to succeed needs to challenge themselves and improve everything around them for innovation and improvement, an important feature of the culture of success we’re building in each of our teams and departments.

We all have those days when you feel that you have come to a standstill or when you feel you can never catch your competition – well, having grit is all about picking yourself up and finishing that race, even if it means there is no one running behind you. Rather than expecting the world to be given to us top-down, we expect everyone at AlphaSights to drive initiatives, come up with ideas and pursue change themselves. We all have an opportunity to succeed – we need to act like an owner of the business we are in, forget individualism and tackle the most difficult and mundane tasks together without asking what I get in return. That is a sign of grit, which drives short-term & long-term success. So, grit is not just working hard, it is self-direction, resilience, and determination – own your learning, don’t be afraid to fail, live in the uncomfortable and curb your ego – and you will find that success is part of your daily life.

Svitlana joined AlphaSights in October of 2011 and serves as a Manager in our London office.