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Harsh Tripathi

Engineering and Product
Joined AlphaSights



New Delhi, India


Delhi College of Engineering (DTU), Bachelor of Technology in Software Engineering



Why did you join AlphaSights?
I joined AlphaSights due to the amazing opportunity to work at an innovative company which was transforming the way people access knowledge. I joined a relatively new team at that time, and helped scale it. Moreover, I loved the idea of making a real tangible impact on a business through my work.

Tell me about your position at AlphaSights.
Currently, I work as a Director for product and strategy. My role includes driving high value projects in the domain of commercial strategy, product analytics and business intelligence, working with senior stakeholders from across the firm.

What is your greatest success so far?
During my time at AlphaSights I have helped scale our strategy team to drive real value through our projects. Being one of the founding members of the strategy team, I find my success and happiness in the fact that a now well-developed product and strategy team is able to drive innovation and deliver amazing products and initiatives.

What makes AlphaSights unique?
AlphaSights hires and retains the best talent. Everyone is very collaborative and smart.

What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about the impact of technology on businesses and industries. I love to follow challenger companies and technologies, which can flip industries on their head.