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Erin Lashbrook

Client Service
Joined AlphaSights



Ann Arbor, Michigan


University of Michigan, BA in Entrepreneurship and Political Science


Travel, painting, finding new sushi restaurants

Why did you join AlphaSights?

I wanted to make an impact and launch my career in the investment and broader business community. After interning at several founder-led start-ups in NYC, I sought to begin my career in a place where I could have a high level of responsibility and autonomy from day one, but also a clear path to leadership and mentorship opportunities that a 5-10 person company just couldn’t offer. I wanted to be consistently challenged and responsible for driving revenue at a company early on, and AlphaSights hit the sweet spot for me.

Tell me about your position at AlphaSights.
As a Manager for our Private Equity accounts in San Francisco, I oversee our firm’s relationships with the world’s leading Venture Capital (VC) and Early Stage Investment funds. I partner with my VP to drive our VC business forward commercially, and I’m responsible for scaling and developing my team of Client Service associates. My team works to better serve our earliest stage investment clients on market mapping, due diligence, and portfolio research projects. 

What is your greatest success so far?
When I joined in 2017, our team was only three people. I’ve dedicated my time at AlphaSights to working alongside my VP and other managers to identify better and unique ways to partner with VC funds, and we’ve now scaled our team to 30+ people with more on the way. Growing and managing a team of such bright and driven individuals at such an early point in my career has been an incredibly rewarding experience, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else our team accomplishes in the years to come. 

What makes AlphaSights unique? 

Many qualities about our company come to mind but they all really boil down to one common thread – our people. While everyone at AlphaSights comes from different backgrounds, there isn’t a single colleague who doesn’t embody our core values at the end of the day. Before joining our team, I’d never worked in such a high-growth and results-oriented environment that wasn’t hyper-competitive and cutthroat. Yes, our work at AlphaSights is certainly fast-paced and ultra-competitive but everyone competes with themselves to drive better results than they did the month before, versus going head to head with their teammates. The level of support between our colleagues here is truly unmatched — everyone constantly pushes the organization and their teammates forward together.

What are you passionate about?
Shaping how the early-stage investment community leverages knowledge search. The investors we have the opportunity to partner with are truly exceptional individuals, both personally and professionally. Learning about upcoming industries and newly founded companies that are disrupting the way society currently operates is very energizing — when you’re attempting to evaluate and unpack an industry that potentially didn’t even exist until a few months ago, the connections we set up with our experts are sometimes the only signal through the noise. I’m excited to continue strengthening our firm’s relationship with both investors and founders in this community — we’ve only just begun!