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Brian Storti

Engineering and Product
Joined AlphaSights



Balneário Camboriu, Brazil


Centro Universitário de Maringá, BA in Information Systems


Backend development, distributed systems, scalable infrastructures, developer experience, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Why did you join AlphaSights?
At the time, I was looking for a remote position, and from all the companies I talked to, AlphaSights was very clearly a better fit for me. Everyone seemed super smart and friendly, the tech stack was great and the interview process itself was the best I’d been through.

Tell me about your position at AlphaSights.
I’m part of our platform team. We’re responsible for providing a stable environment and tooling that our entire engineering team can use to reliably develop and ship changes.

This includes ensuring engineers have a great experience developing locally and providing a reliable delivery pipeline,  stable cloud infrastructure, and monitoring tools everyone can use to do their job the best way possible.

What is your greatest success so far?
I’d say our migration to a different cloud provider. Our team moved more than 30 services and databases to a new provider, rebuilding our entire delivery pipeline and using a new container orchestration tool. The migration provides better security for our internal services, more autonomy for our engineering team and improved monitoring, with little or no downtime.

What makes AlphaSights unique?
AlphaSights offers you the opportunity to work on a variety of projects and collaborate closely with the people that are using what you build.

What are you passionate about?

I enjoy building things that empower other people to work more efficiently. Sometimes spending a little bit of time automating can have an exponential effect on efficiency and productivity. Outside of work, I also love traveling. Before the pandemic, I spent almost four years backpacking exploring the world and getting in touch with different cultures (and delicious food).