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Alexander Celer

Talent Operations
Joined AlphaSights



Leszno, Poland


University of Wroclaw, BA in Diplomacy; King’s College London, MSc in Human Resource Management & Organizational Analysis


Musical theatre, travelling, hiking, public transportation systems around the world

Why did you join AlphaSights?

I was looking for a position that would help me transition into a learning and development role and where I can grow and learn on a daily basis. I was also looking for a company that was young but established, with a great culture and workforce AlphaSights ticked all the boxes!

Tell me about your position at AlphaSights.
The professional development associate role combines a wide array of responsibilities. From guiding employees through their entire learning journey at AlphaSights, managing training and promotion opportunities, to running highly tailored sessions for specific teams no two days are the same!

What is your greatest success so far?
My greatest success so far is the ability to combine everything about professional development and be at the forefront of providing the best possible service to our employees.

What makes AlphaSights unique?
If I had to pick one thing, it would definitely be our values. It sounds like a cliché, but at AlphaSights everyone lives and breathes the company values with every action they do.

What are you passionate about?
People and their stories fascinate me. Nowhere in the world are there two identical individuals. Everyone has experienced something different or has unique attributes – that is the most extraordinary thing for me!