Why I Like Being Industry Agnostic

  • Lauren Burke
Life & Careers

The last thing I wanted going into my first job was a standard entry level position where I was stuck behind Excel or filing documents on behalf of my manager. I thought consulting sounded interesting, was a bit worried by the fact that you could be on the same dreary project for 9+ months with almost no end in sight. Then I came across AlphaSights which caught my eye by offering a unique opportunity to work on multiple projects at once, across varying industries, internal verticals, and even end-clients.

One of the main reasons I like being industry agnostic is the fact that our company is almost always working on “hot topics” in the news. This can be anything from companies going up for sale, the latest technologies changing the world, or when companies are brought into the spotlight for scandal and lawsuits. It’s incredible to see when private equity deals come to fruition and make headlines weeks after we’ve worked on the diligence on the target. These projects usually touch every point in our office from the teams serving Capital Markets, to Consultancies and Corporates. I may not have known about the Internet of Things or how the Sharing Economy is driving established corporations to make drastic changes had I been at any other company. For the most part, if it’s something that can be found in the Business section on Google News, there’s a strong chance someone in our office has been working on a related project.

Secondarily, the chance to be industry agnostic means you’re also vertical agnostic. As an AlphaSights Associate, you have the chance to work across industry value chains and internal company departments, so you learn how the world works on a high level. While some projects may seem siloed looking at HR Systems, Financial Centers of Excellence, or Sales Best Practices, you may be working across all 3 on different projects at the same time which provides the opportunity to learn a little bit about each. One of the biggest things I’ve learned at AlphaSights is how to break down an industry or company, and understand each of its moving parts that make the economy drive onward.

Lastly, while everyone at AlphaSights works with one particular client segment, the company provides an opportunity to rotate halfway through your time as an Associate, in addition to working with some of our non-profit clients. This means that after a few months, you can learn a whole new client segment and their particular needs. On the non-profit side, our clients are looking to solve some of the world's biggest problems, like poverty and disease, through unique business solutions. This provides the chance to learn the invaluable skill of understanding and serving your clients based on their overall end goal, which differs for each and every one of them.

Overall, I’ll come away from my time as an Associate at AlphaSights with skills in project management, negotiation, and client management, but won’t be tunneled into a specific industry. Instead, I have the understanding of all of the pieces that make the world work, from the Cocoa Bean Industry to IT Cloud Services and Medical Devices (just to name a brief few). Not to mention, it also makes the job pretty interesting as well!


Lauren joined AlphaSights after graduating a semester early from John Hopkins University and works on our Consulting segment.