What AlphaSights Means

  • Rupprecht Köpke
Life & Careers

Month six at AlphaSights and time has flown by. Taking a moment to reflect, I realise that there are a number of reasons why time has gone so quickly. Many of us, while at university, compile a mental list of things we hope to see fulfilled when starting our first job. Going through this list six months into the job I see with happiness that they have all been fulfilled.

AlphaSights means international exposure

I grew up in Germany and studied International Business Administration at Rotterdam School of Management, followed by a Masters in International Management. With classmates from over 50 nationalities I was exposed to a melting pot of different cultures from day one. During my Bachelors I studied in Brazil for six months and completed part of my Masters programme in Lisbon, Portugal. I soon realised that I would not be willing to give up on the international exposure that I had been lucky enough to experience during my studies. Luckily, the work at AlphaSights is truly international, with all four global hubs working closely together. The London office has pan-European coverage, which means I’m surrounded by international colleagues and use my language skills on a daily basis.

AlphaSights means getting involved

One of the things I enjoyed the most during my studies was getting involved in the various initiatives university life has to offer. During my undergraduate degree I founded a society that aims to bridge the gap between fashion and business in Rotterdam. During my Masters I co-organised the largest international student party series in The Netherlands. AlphaSights offers a platform on which to drive your own initiatives and involvement does not depend on seniority. We're growing the business together and have a lean structural team, which means getting involved outside your core role is not an exception - it's the norm.

AlphaSights means running together

People at AlphaSights are passionate about seeing those around them succeed. We’re growing fast, which means we have to work hard to equip new joiners with the skills they need to take on early responsibility. Teams also work closely together and it’s important that everyone is performing at their best. We understand that rolling up your sleeves and getting things done with no sense of hierarchy is what helps the greater whole succeed. Put simply, sticking together makes business sense.

AlphaSights means curiosity

My time at university prepared me well for working in almost any industry. I was a generalist and relished the challenge of writing a business plan for a Dutch truck company one week, working on student consulting projects for a Ugandan bakery and a Portuguese mobile network operator the next. Still, I knew that in the end I would probably have to specialise in a specific industry or business area and reluctantly accepted the need to make the choice. At AlphaSights, it’s not the case. I explore new industries on a daily basis and constantly face new unknowns. It feeds my curiosity about the world around me and has enabled me to keep up my "passion for everything"! While industry specialisation is the secret to success for many businesses, our secret is the opposite. We’re industry agnostic and, though getting up-to-speed quickly on new industries and unfamiliar situations can be challenging, it’s what gives us the flexibility to help our clients whatever the market.

AlphaSights means embracing the daily challenge

Meeting tight deadlines is a challenge every student will face during their studies. Though sometimes tough, I always enjoyed the satisfaction of finalising an important project, especially when having delivered it as a team. At AlphaSights, this is something we face almost every day. Working with global investment clients keeps us on our toes. It is exciting to be able to deliver on our clients’ needs within a few hours and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that comes with it. Working at AlphaSights means getting up in the morning knowing that every day can make a difference; business as usual is something we rarely experience.


Rupprecht joined AlphaSights in May of 2015 and serves as an Associate on our Private Equity segment.