What AlphaSights Employees Love to Do... Outside of Work!

  • Paige Emerson
Life & Careers

One thing I cannot emphasize enough is that a major determiner of a person’s workplace happiness is the quality of the people you’re surrounded by and the relationships you have with your colleagues. While my frolleagues (a friend who is also a work colleague) and I thoroughly enjoy spending time together during the workday, we also spend plenty of time together outside the office, enjoying the incredible city AlphaSights’ US office is located in: New York City. Though the options are endless in New York, at AlphaSights, we certainly have our favorite things to do together.

  1. Tacos, Tacos, Tacos. No matter where you go in NYC you can always find a taco spot, and you can always find someone who wants to join you. Whether it’s the Domo Taco truck catering lunch in the office on a Thursday, or celebrating a one-year AlphaVersary at Ofrenda, you really can’t go wrong. A few of our other favorite haunts include Diable Royale, Rio Grande, Blockhead’s and Caliente Cab (which conveniently also gives you free glasses on your way out).
  2. Getting fit. Despite how populated this city is, there is still room to be active, and many opportunities to go out of your comfort zone to break a sweat. While some of these classes may be on the pricier side - such as SoulCyle or Barry’s Bootcamp - your team may have their monthly event there. You could always go the bargain route, however, and take advantage of Central Park or the Westside Highway. You get some beautiful views and Central Park is just a 5 minute subway ride from the office!
  3. Professional sports games. While I am a die-hard (or fairweather) Boston fan, I will hand it to New York when I say that it rivals Beantown for its fun sporting events and great teams across the board. Penn Station is just a subway ride or quick walk away from our Times Square office, making Rangers games an easily accessible weeknight activity, and while Citifield may be a bit more of a hike, we have still rallied together and cheered on the Mets for many Out of Office Socials.
  4. Cabins, beaches, and mountains. While the hustle and bustle of the city is great, it doesn’t hurt to sometimes get away. There are many places that are accessible via a short train ride - the Hamptons, Jersey Shore, Hunter Mountain - where you can get back in touch with nature. And while Airbnb makes these destinations only a mouse-click away, if you’re lucky you may have a few frolleagues who are willing to open up their homes.
  5. Music - and lots of it. Whether you're headed to Randall's Island for Governors Ball or to the Karaoke bar around the corner from your apartment, you're surrounded by activities that allow you to enjoy your favorite tunes in a variety of ways. Even if belting out the Proclaimer's "I'm Gonna Be" in front of all of your closest friends (or co-workers) isn’t for you, you could always take the silent route with the "Quiet Clubbing" silent disco events every month. Of course, when all else fails, MSG usually has a concert for everyone's tastes.

Paige joined AlphaSights in September of 2013 and serves as an Associate in our New York office.