Video Assessments: Why Employers Use Them and How to Succeed

  • Miranda Clark
Life & Careers

Whether you’re familiar with them or not, video assessments are being used more and more by graduate employers. At AlphaSights, we ask candidates to complete a short video assessment as part of the recruitment process.

We’re a people-based, communication-intense business and we want to understand you as best as we can – how you communicate, how you respond under pressure and what makes you tick. The questions are designed to help us understand who you are and what interests you about the role you’re applying for. Video assessments aren't designed to catch you out; they are designed to help you showcase yourself, your motivations for the role and your understanding of what we do.

Here are a few simple but effective tips:

· Prepare. Make sure you have a working computer, webcam and microphone with a reliable Internet connection. Read the instructions carefully and make sure you put some time aside to complete the assessment in a quiet space.

· Be aware of the background behind you. Is it going to distract us from what you’re saying? Don’t forget to let your flatmates or family know that you will be taking the assessment to avoid any unexpected intruders!

· Dress to impress. Dress as you would for a face-to-face interview and maintain a good posture.

· Plan. As with any assignment, leave enough time to allow for unforeseen problems. Technical issues can arise and, although we are here to help you with them, you should not leave the assessment to the last minute!

· Do your research. Familiarise yourself with the business model and wider industry. The more you know, the more conviction you will have in your answers. Be prepared to articulate what interests you about the specific role, not just the company.

· Practise. Try to anticipate what sort of questions you might be asked and rehearse your answers in a clear and confident manner in front of a mirror or with another person. Try to include examples wherever possible, and avoid repeating yourself.

· Relax. As with any interview, you can’t always prepare for everything! Read the question and keep calm if you worry that you may not have replied fully. Be concise, and have the confidence to deliver your point and move on if you have answered the question.

· Be yourself. We are looking for personality and professionalism but your style should be as natural as possible. Don't tell us what you think we want to hear. Be as honest as you can and show us the real you!


Miranda joined AlphaSights in February of 2015. She currently serves as a Recruitment Coordinator on our Recruitment team.