Unparalleled Opportunities at a High-Growth Company

  • Matthias Meyer
Life & Careers

What many young graduates tend to ignore is the fact that a successful career depends not only on an individual’s skillset and virtue, but as much on your company’s willingness to let you use them to the fullest. There have certainly been countless talented and driven people over the years who were never able to fully reach their potential either because the industry in which they operated wasn’t growing, or because they joined organizations filled with people who perceive challenging the status quo as a fundamental threat to their existence, stifling young careers in the process. I joined AlphaSights in the hopes that this company would provide me not only with daily opportunities to grow my skillset as a business professional, but also build an organization that encourages innovation and challenge in an external environment filled with opportunity.

What has surprised me since is just how clearly those opportunities and positive challenges have presented themselves in my AlphaSights career up to this point. Having graduated from University less than 16 months ago, I have already been part of the inception of a new team, and am relocating to our Hong Kong office at the end of the month to drive our APAC efforts from there. I will be tasked with hiring and onboarding, developing clients, and establishing the relevant infrastructure and training practices to prepare for expansion in Asia. What is perhaps most challenging but rewarding at the same time is the ownership that I am given in this endeavor. While I do not face the uncertainty and financial pressure of a true entrepreneur, there is a very real sense of ownership and responsibility, as well as the opportunity to fail, attached to my work. Personally, I have found this to be the greatest motivator to jump out of bed in the morning and feel genuine excitement at the notion of coming to work.

In general, I appreciate that AlphaSights will never expect accountability without also giving you responsibility and autonomy. When I speak with my college friends about work, I soon realize that there are very few companies that are willing to invest this amount of trust and responsibility into recent graduates as AlphaSights does. If you prefer to be another face in the crowd, emotionally detached from your work, AlphaSights probably isn’t the right place for you. However, if you are looking for the same type of global challenge that is being presented to me, I would strongly encourage you to consider applying. It may lead you to places you never would have imagined.

Matthias joined AlphaSights in July of 2013 and serves as a Manager for one of our segments.