The Next Step: From AlphaSights to a MBA

  • Courtney Bell
Life & Careers

As a firm, we promote AlphaSights as a platform upon which ambitious young professionals can launch their careers. As I prepare to take my next step following 3.5 years at the company, working across both our Consulting and Capital Markets segments and having split my time between our New York and London offices, I can confidently say that AlphaSights has come through on that promise.

This week marks the end of my time here, as I will be pursuing my MBA at London Business School come September. Prior to joining AlphaSights, I had spent one year working for a non-profit in Uganda, followed by another year at a large global corporation headquartered in Manhattan. These two disjointed experiences left me wondering how I could weave the lessons and skills learned at each into a coherent career path.

I can’t list all of the things I’ve learned at AlphaSights, or the ways in which I’ve grown, because that would result in something much longer than a blog post. Instead, I’ll highlight the ways in which AlphaSights has helped me develop the confidence and conviction to pursue my next step, and a clear understanding of what I want to be doing long-term.

At AlphaSights, I discovered a meritocratic environment in which I was able to hone a strong commercial skill-set while also pursuing areas of the business outside of my core responsibilities that interested me. I was also able to incorporate my passion for international development and emerging markets by creating our Knowledge for Good initiative, through which we support innovative impact organisations and funds. My exposure to these impact funds over the last two years has caused me to take the leap and enroll in an MBA programme with the intention of joining the investment team at an impact fund upon the completion of my studies.

AlphaSights provided me the opportunity to test myself in many different ways, discover the type of work environment and roles which I would most enjoy, and ultimately has allowed me to build a strong, coherent story around what I’ve done and what I want to do. And for that, plus all of the amazing relationships I’ve developed with my colleagues, I will be forever grateful.


Courtney joined AlphaSights' New York office in 2013 and moved to the London HQ in 2015 as a Manager in AlphaSights' Capital Markets Group, overseeing the European Public Equities segment.