Teach First and AlphaSights: Shaping the Future

  • Connor Brown
Life & Careers

At the end of the school year, I watched proudly as my class of 5-year-olds marched out of the door for the last time. They were small in size, but enormous in personality.

Fast forward two weeks, and I found myself beginning an internship at AlphaSights in London, attracted by the prospect of learning about different industries. On my first morning here, I was briefed by the Client Development Team on my task: to engage new corporate clients.

The two may seem worlds apart. In many respects they are. As a Teach First participant, I work in a low-income community in South London. Each day, I meet inspiring children who conquer challenges that most adults could never imagine. AlphaSights works alongside the global investment community, helping business leaders make decisions that will shape the future.

Despite the obvious differences, partnerships between organisations as diverse as Teach First and AlphaSights are not just desirable - they are vital. Positive societal change, the kind which Teach First works relentlessly to achieve, will not come through isolationism. It requires communication between like-minded people regardless of their industry.

This belief underpins everything AlphaSights does. In my three weeks here, I have discovered how they facilitate innovation across the world by connecting experts with the people best placed to capitalise on that knowledge. The office was constantly abuzz with conversations about the potential of the ‘Internet of Things’ and various forms of renewable energy.

From a personal perspective, the chance to work in such an energetic, positive and fun environment was invaluable. Spending time at AlphaSights would satisfy even the most curious mind - in such a short time I discovered so much about cutting edge developments across industries.

From a wider perspective, AlphaSights possesses the talented people and infrastructure needed to support specialist social enterprises like Teach First. They can access knowledge outside the traditional boundaries of education. The exciting potential of AlphaSights can be seen in their Knowledge for Good initiative.

For now it’s back to the classroom, but I look forward to seeing how AlphaSights continues to grow and help solve the challenges of the 21st century.

Read more about AlphaSights' partnership with Teach First here.


Connor Brown studied History at the University of Edinburgh and has just finished his first year as a participant on the Teach First Programme. He joined AlphaSights this summer for an internship designed to bridge the gap between teaching and business.