Stepping Outside of Your Core Responsibilities? Be Our Guest!

  • Paula Bogutyn
Life & Careers

When starting your first job, you might expect to spend the majority of your time learning and mastering your core responsibilities, while making sure you do not distract yourself with any additional tasks. Work, work, work - this is often what your first year or two are about at a new company. However, that’s not what AlphaSights wants your Associate career to look like!

Naturally, perfecting your core skills is essential at any job. But what makes AlphaSights stand out (and what is so impressive to me) is that the company really wants you to get engaged quite early on. Despite growing at a really fast pace, we’ve been working hard on maintaining the original spirit of a startup culture. AlphaSights supports full-heartedly individual initiative and fresh ideas, and believes that every employee is AlphaStar material. At AlphaSights, we are all working together to make both the company and the workplace more fun and more meaningful.

I joined AlphaSights in February 2014, and I immediately envisioned improvements in sustainability. Only a couple of months in, I somewhat timidly approached my Manager with questions about recycling and energy use, and inquired how I could get involved. I anticipated an answer directing me to someone overseeing office operations, with a suggestion to focus on my work first. However, that’s not at all what happened. I was encouraged to speak up and find solutions to the problems I saw. I was quite astonished with the independence I was granted, not really having expected to be given so much of it so early on.

As a global, forward-thinking company that’s all about innovation, with a growing office in New York City, I easily found AlphaSights allies who share my sustainability drive. We formed a Green Initiative team and have made some significant leaps in our company’s approach to energy use, recycling, and composting. It makes me proud and really excited to be both a part of the profit-generating side of the company, as well as an active member of this community that we make.

AlphaSights is a really special place for many reasons, but if you’re looking for a place where you are encouraged to do more than just what’s expected of you in terms of your core job, it’s all the more a place to consider. Even if sustainability does not pique your interest, there’s plenty other things to get involved in or you can kickstart something totally new. And the more people we are, the more cool ideas can be shared!

Paula joined AlphaSights in February 2014 and serves as an Associate in our New York office.