My Unconventional Route to AlphaSights

  • Jane Lee
Life & Careers

Having grown up as a Korean girl in the UK, I am a product of two polarising cultures. This brings about complexities when making milestone decisions in my life and it was no different when I had to choose my career path. My Korean side would want to be obedient and pursue a profession deemed “proper” by my parents, whilst my UK side would want to explore other unconventional avenues.

“You will be a lawyer” - this was drummed into me by my parents from the age of 16. So I began my journey on the legal treadmill and every single step was laid out. I must get into this University to expose myself to these types of law firms which will then take me to my traineeship then on and so forth.

Things were going according to plan - I got into the right law school; I went back to Seoul to work at a corporate firm; I pulled all nighters; I drafted brief after brief… but something was missing. I wasn't excited by it - what was missing?

I lacked accountability and real ownership of my career - I didn’t even think to stop and assess what excited me as an individual and the skills I actually wanted to develop as a professional. Realising this, I walked away from my comfort zone to explore the unknown. I was definitely taken aback.

AlphaSights’ energy was extremely appealing - the motivation for growth, the exposure to high level clients whilst providing a strong foundation to build roar commercial skills.

Embracing my new lease in (career) life, I wanted to move abroad to start fresh. This was when I came across AlphaSights Hong Kong. The nature of the work was unknown to me but intriguing and exciting. AlphaSights’ energy was extremely appealing - the motivation for growth, the exposure to high-level clients whilst providing a strong foundation to build raw commercial skills. This was it. This was what I was missing.

When I applied to AlphaSights, I wrote in my application: “I want to pursue a career that I can invest my time and skills in, not just a job.” AlphaSights has definitely proved not to be just a job for me; it’s a place where I am learning something new everyday and a place where I can utilise and build upon my hard and soft skills. A year and half into AlphaSights, I already run my own team and build out commercial relationships with major Korean clients - I am part of a team that is growing a global business.

If any of what I have said excites you, don’t be scared, take the leap and explore the unknown. Be unconventional.

Jane joined AlphaSights in April of 2013 and serves as a Manager in our Hong Kong office.