Meeting Market Porter

  • Rory McIvor
Life & Careers

For the latest edition in London’s Alpha-X Inspirational Speaker Series, Stefan Porter joined the team last week for drinks, snacks and a short presentation, sharing his exciting business journey so far.

Last week in the London office, we were lucky enough to welcome Stefan Porter, entrepreneur and food expert, to AlphaSights. After graduating with a degree in History and German from Cambridge, Stefan Porter made the bold decision to ignore more traditionally glamorous career paths chosen by his peers and jumped into retail - starting his career at discount giant Lidl.

Living the “boom years” of the discount industry, Porter spent 6 years plying his trade in the food & groceries sector. As a generalist buyer and market expert, he developed a thorough understanding of a variety of categories - from whisky and nappies to butter and pancakes. Before long, Stefan found himself with his finger on the pulse of one of the UK’s most dynamic growth industries.

Stefan’s departure from Lidl in 2014 brought with it a number of exciting new opportunities, not least of which, was the chance to share his honed expertise with AlphaSights’ client base. But his next step was launching a business - an artisan food e-commerce enterprise known as Market Porter. We often hear the start-up experience described as a leap into the unknown. Whilst Stefan admits the huge learning that has come with Market Porter’s early years, he identifies his time with Lidl and as an independent consultant, as sources of invaluable industry insights and credibility with investors and suppliers alike. Stefan recalled the advice he was given by his first boss, "Before you change the world, make mistakes with other people’s money."

Market Porter champions independent producers of meat, cheese and chocolate in the UK and delivers them to your door. The platform provides consumers with access to local produce of a quality incomparable to the average UK supermarket. Most importantly, a finely tuned operating network means the produce can make it from farm to fork in 24 hours.

With a team he trusts and a now formidable network of the nation’s top butchers, chocolatiers and cheesemongers, the future is bright for Stefan Porter. His candid approach to profit margins left us in no doubt that Market Porter will continue to grow into a long-term, sustainable enterprise offering a real (and tasty) solution to filling our fridges.

Best of luck Stefan and here’s hoping you might still be able to find time to work with AlphaSights from time to time!

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