Life as an AlphaSights Software Engineer

  • Eamon O'Brien

Hello world! My name is Eamon, and I’m a Software Engineering Intern at AlphaSights.

During my summer internship at AlphaSights, I've been able to work on existing and brand new web applications as a full-stack developer, using Ruby on Rails, CoffeeScript, and SASS. One of the web applications that I developed from scratch alongside another software development intern was an internal tool for our People Operations (POPs) team that allows employees to manage job requisitions and applications on the company’s careers landing page. We would pair program, work independently, review our code thoroughly with other members of the team, and have meetings with POPs to discuss how they envisioned the tool. As project owners, we went through all of the stages of product development, from idea generation to actually demoing the product.

This internship has been much more than just a software development internship. I’ve learned about product management, meeting with members of different teams to discuss aspects of our products ranging from the basic ideas to regulatory compliance. In fact, I once had a web conference with one of our lawyers on the Compliance Team in London to ensure that one of the products that we were launching internally would be up to date with the industry’s regulatory standards. In a similar vein, I’ve learned a whole lot about teamwork and communication. Every morning we have a web conference with our developers in the London office and those working remotely to discuss the previous day’s work and the goals for the day. I’ve even had one-on-one pair programming sessions with developers on the team who are more than 3,000 miles away.

Software development aside, this internship has been a priceless experience. Our office, in the heart of Times Square, has everything that you could possibly need: catered lunches, snacks in stock, a shuffleboard, and, most importantly, a Ping-Pong table. This is not to say that we do not take advantage of all that New York has to offer as well. We’ve gone to comedy clubs, attended baseball games, and even played in a corporate softball league.

What’s so exciting about AlphaSights in particular is the rate at which it's growing. I’ve literally seen and been a part of AlphaSights’ substantial growth over the course of this summer. Now is an awesome time to be an AlphaStar.

tl;dr – Join AlphaSights.