International Transfer: What I Didn't Know About Working in Dubai

  • Stefane Torras
Life & Careers

Stefane joined AlphaSights' New York office in July 2014, where he worked on the Consulting and Capital Markets segments. In January 2016, he followed his desire to live and work abroad and applied for a transfer to the AlphaSights Dubai office (otherwise known as the International Associate Programme), where he is now a Manager working with local Consulting and Private Equity clients.

Once I learned of the opportunity to join our Dubai office, what immediately came to mind was a city synonymous with luxury, supercars, and a really tall building. After 8 months of living here, I can confirm that Dubai definitely lives up to its reputation on all three. What I didn’t expect to find was a city, country, and region so ripe for discovery through outdoor and action sports.

Back home in the US, my two greatest passions were skiing and surfing. Luckily, in Dubai I’ve been able to do both in less than an hour of each other, thanks to the surfable winter swell at Sunset beach in front of the iconic Burj Al Arab, and one of the largest indoor ski slopes in the world, just down the road at Mall of the Emirates.

ski dubai

I was also lucky to find that our office in Dubai is filled with colleagues who are just as active as in our other offices. With average temperatures of 23-30°C most of the year, and more than 350 days of sun, there’s no shortage of opportunities to get out and explore the surrounding region. Just in the last few months, and usually on a whim with little planning, I’ve joined colleagues snorkelling with turtles, camping at the edge of the “Grand Canyon of Arabia”, dirt biking in the Arabian desert, hiking on questionable goat paths in the Al-Hajar Mountains, canyoning in Omani wadis, and kite boarding near the mangroves of Abu Dhabi.


No doubt the glitz and glamour of Dubai and its eternal quest for "biggest, best and most beautiful" are enough to keep most people entertained. Yet I’m just happy to have found a place with so many unique activities and sports on tap, which has drawn me to explore what lies beyond Dubai’s famous skyscrapers.

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