Intern to Full-time: My Path at AlphaSights

  • Oren Friedman
Life & Careers

Intern season - NYC’s favorite season, of course. The subways are extra crowded with sweating overly dressed college students eager to make a good impression to their employers. A short year ago I was one of those too, except I was fortunate enough to be approaching the least conventional summer internship I’ve ever had.

Most students begin their internship assuming they will be placed within some insignificant bucket – the “lowest rung on the ladder,” ready to field coffee orders or file papers. However, I was thrust headfirst into the revenue-generating epicenter of the firm. From day one as an intern I was able to gain real work experience by participating in AlphaCamp, a two week training program that is designed for full-time Associate employees.

After those two weeks, I was up and running as essentially a full-time Associate. AlphaSights entrusted in me, very early on, control of an entire process that had direct revenue-generating impact on the firm. I was given the opportunity to dictate the success of my team, the firm, our clients and myself. This success was made accessible to all interns as a result of the open culture in the office. VPs were made available whenever I wanted to strategize on the day-to-day or discuss my long term career trajectory at the firm. The consistent impact I had as only ‘an intern’ was surprising and left me buzzing as I reflected at the end of the day. The internship seemed to end as quickly as it began, and when I got the phone call offering me a full-time position, it was the easiest decision I had ever made.

The following year as a Senior in college held an interesting mix of reflection and excited anticipation. I was ready to start forging my path in the real world, while simultaneously holding on to the comfortable life I had built for myself at college. I warmly received a monthly digest of updates from the AlphaSights world, both culturally and business-wise, big and small. Almost a year later, by the time I had stepped back into the office and laid eyes on familiar faces, I instantly felt a part of something greater again. Muscles that I hadn’t flexed in a year were strengthening at a rapid pace. The growth the firm had experienced since my internship was substantial and offered new challenges and opportunities.

Taking a risk and interning with a non-traditional firm like AlphaSights allowed me to gain responsibility much earlier than I expected. If you are interested in a summer internship experience that is more than a few lines of text on your resume, with frontline experience at a firm that invests in their interns, I would encourage you to research AlphaSights and reach out to an employee to learn more about the opportunities you can find here.


Oren started as a Summer Associate at AlphaSights before earning a full-time role. He now works on the New York Corporate Segment.