How to Land a Graduate Role at AlphaSights

  • by AlphaSights
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One of the newest members of the AlphaSights team, Celine Zoetelief-Tromp, shares her perspective on our Associate Program application process:

What initially interested you about AlphaSights and the Associate role?

The more I learned about AlphaSights, the more fascinated I became with our business model, how fast we‘ve been able to grow, and how our services help solve the business problems of today.

I also knew the job would help me become a confident communicator, allow me to gain project management skills and give me the opportunity to interact with some of the most influential thought leaders in the business world. Finally, I felt that my skill set, work ethic, and independent nature matched well with the culture of the firm.

What was the toughest part of the application part (as well as your favorite)?

The toughest part was definitely the case study. This part of the process was harder to prepare for as I didn’t really know what the case in question was going to be, which forced me to think on my feet and adapt to the situation as it ‘developed’. It was also challenging given the time limit.

My favorite stage was my interview with our Europe Vice President, Jason, because I got the chance to ask questions and in turn, gain a better understanding of the firm’s long-term goals and strategy.

Did anything take you by surprise during the process?

I was surprised at how collaborative the process was. The recruitment team would reply to me within the hour if I sent an email or a query and were always receptive on the phone. I initially applied for a summer internship and ended up securing a role on the Associate Program instead; which goes to show the most direct route isn’t always the only way to get the position you want. If you’re motivated and go above and beyond what is required, the team will recognize and reward it.

I also liked that the fact that people at AlphaSights don’t expect you to know everything — they encourage having curiosity and asking questions.

What are three tips you would give other graduates?

It’s been said before but the key to making a good impression really is down preparation.

Make sure you’ve done extensive research into the company, the sector, and the role. Spend a lot of time on their website, and any articles they’ve recently been mentioned in. Relate your personal experience - whether it be work experience or topics you’ve studied - to the role/firm you’re applying to.

I’d also recommend reaching out to someone on Linkedin that recently secured the role you’re applying for. They may be willing to give you tips on the application process and tell you more about the reality of working there. They’ll be more receptive if you already have something in common; for example, look for people who attended the same university or someone who you share a mutual friend with.

My last tip is to learn how to sell yourself. Think through how you want to market yourself and be perceived by potential employers. Making a proactive effort to shape your personal brand will prove invaluable throughout your career.

Celine joined the AlphaSights London office as a client-service Associate in July 2018. Before joining AlphaSights, she studied Law at the London School of Economics.