How I Found Recruiting at AlphaSights

  • Emily Pullen
Life & Careers

I originally discovered AlphaSights while scrolling through my school’s career portal, looking for entry-level recruiting roles. I hadn’t heard of the company before, so after seeing the job description I immediately went to their website to learn more. I was drawn in by the website’s design, the videos explaining the business model and culture, and the great things people had to say about the company. When going through the interview process, I knew right away that I wanted to work here purely because of the incredibly driven and intelligent people I met along the way.

I started at AlphaSights as a Recruiting Coordinator after graduation. Initially, I served as candidates’ main point of contact and set up the interview process for candidates that came through our pipeline. I eventually took on the role of Recruiting Associate where I’m now focused on building strategies to help enhance our non-core school recruiting efforts. I love working with my team to maximize our presence on different campuses across the U.S. and meeting so many interesting individuals along the way.

I think the most challenging part of my role is coming up with innovative ways to find new talent from campuses that we don’t have as strong of a presence at compared to others. One strategy we’ve used in the past is welcoming candidates from non-core schools into our office for Job Shadows or Career Treks. These opportunities are essentially ways for candidates to gain a better understanding of who AlphaSights is, and what we do on a day-to-day basis.

My experience at AlphaSights is incredibly unique because of the large amount of responsibility I’m able to take on as an entry-level employee. I’ve grown so much as an associate and as a person since starting at AlphaSights, and I’m convinced I wouldn’t have learned as much so quickly if I’d taken a similar role at a different company. The training I received from our Professional Development team as a new hire enabled me to feel comfortable and confident in my role from day one. I work with the most incredible people on the Recruiting team and in other segments, which helped my transition as well. Every day I come to work, I’m surrounded by people with positive energy, a driven mindset, and new opportunities to tackle as a team.

I see our team developing significantly in the next few years. Since starting in July of 2017, Recruiting has already developed new practices, strategies, and growth. It’s exciting to be part of a team that works so well together, but is also willing to take on new challenges/practices in order to keep up with the continuous changes and growth in our company.

Emily Pullen graduated from Colgate University in 2017 and joined AlphaSights in 2018. She serves as an associate on our recruiting team.