Here Is the Platform, Start Your Own Adventure

  • Vincent Wong
Life & Careers

Getting a good job after graduation is a large part of the new chapter young adults begin to write as they enter the "real world". Many students have the mindset that long-term career success begins by establishing yourself right away at a brand name company, so it's typical for many students to apply for Management Trainee programme in well-known multinational companies. It's that time when these young talents enter the world of work with passion and pride.

I was definitely one of them when I started off in a HR solution company before moving on to investment banks and financial service firms. Despite many companies placing strong emphasis on how they want fresh graduates to bring in new ideas and concepts with their fresh pair of eyes, these eyes are easily blindfolded with high layers of bureaucracy and the usual response like, "this is the way things are done here, don’t be too aggressive." With aversion to change in traditional companies, there is always a feeling of being confined and not being able to make an impact in the business. In the end, we tend to produce our work in the fashion of a mechanical production line – business as usual.

Certainly working in well-established MNCs can be very attractive, and there is no doubt that a sense of satisfaction or pride kicks in when you do so. Unfortunately, this excitement does not usually last very long and question marks start to come out – what impact am I bringing to the business and how does that fit to my career aspiration? Many traditional MNCs are very systematic because of their structure and they are broken down into very small parts. I witnessed many new grads leaving due to job saturation in my previous companies. Many also said they didn't feel rewarded by doing all the back-end work, while at the same time not being able to participate in meetings as their work is passed to the manager who brings the matters further.

At AlphaSights, this is a different case; people here are trusted to speak with both internal stakeholders, clients and subject matter experts directly. There is no restriction on how you want to drive a project and search for the most appropriate industry experts for the client. On my side in People Operations, I have the liberty to drive new initiatives in the recruitment process and extend my arms to be involved in any other projects where I think I can add value (e.g. corporate social responsibility initiatives). As a high-growth company, we are expanding in all our regions, and this is definitely an amazing opportunity for me to develop which aligns with my career goal of becoming a HR business partner.

As a Hong Kong born Chinese, I grew up in an environment just like many others where parents provide their children with the best resources so that they will be well-educated and successful in their career. In order not to disappoint our parents, we are very cautious in our career direction and this frames us to climb our career ladder in a well-established company (definition: long history, multinational, large staff size, well known brand and the list goes on). Psychologically, this is the safest stance to journey on but, in reality, no MNCs can reach to where they stand today without ambitious and curious pioneers. With AlphaSights' growth and its core values, it did not take me long to decide to step out of my comfort zone and start the adventure. From my point of view, having the opportunity to become a pioneer and witness the success would be a rewarding experience with a steep learning curve.

AlphaSights is here to provide the platform and the gears for anyone that wants to add this remarkable adventure in their new chapter.