Changing Jobs, Not Firms: The New Norm for Millennials?

  • Caroline Schwarzman
Life & Careers

There are countless articles detailing the new age of career mobility for restless millennials with "job ADD". They cringe over stats that show that we stay in jobs for less than three years on average, and try desperately to align traditional company career tracks with disruptive employee retention trends. Personally, as a millennial, I’m a little tired of being painted as the problem generation.

But what if being a millennial doesn’t mean changing firms every three years but, instead, changing roles? Maybe “if you love someone let them go” doesn’t need to be the management mantra for the fresh new faces of corporate America. Maybe, just maybe, companies can offer new opportunities internally to retain top talent and keep millennials happy and engaged.

I have been lucky enough to have found this horizontal mobility at AlphaSights. In my time at the firm, I’ve had two promotional title changes, but, more importantly, I’ve been able to work on three of our four major client segments. Each internal rotation has brought with it new clients, new challenges, and new skills to develop.

Most people looking for broad functional exposure either join rotational programs at large corporations with structured transitions and development plans, or early stage start-ups where every employee is forced to be a jack-of-all-trades in a highly uncertain environment. AlphaSights offers a middle ground. It's a fast-growth company where rotational opportunities are made available for those who work hard to ensure that learning is continual and stagnation is avoidable.

As a Manager on our Corporate Segment managing enterprise accounts for Fortune 500 companies, I'm facing an entirely new set of obstacles than I had three months ago as a Manager on our Consulting Segment. I've reinvested in my role and, as a result, I've reinvested in my company.

So, while I’m standing here on my soapbox, I just want to say that if you’re a millennial looking to find engagement, not movement, look for a company that will partner with you to support your growth, recognize your ability to pick things up quickly, and throw you into the deep end again and again to keep you on your toes.


Caroline joined AlphaSights in July of 2012 and serves as a Manager in our New York office.