AlphaSights Reconnect: Growing Our Alumni Network in Asia

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This November, we held our first AlphaSights Alumni event in Hong Kong. Five AlphaSights alumni, alongside current employees from the HK office, were invited to enjoy dinner and drinks at SPIGA HK. Throughout the evening, the group shared the different career paths they had pursued since leaving AlphaSights, and how their time with the firm had helped them to shape their future plans. When asked to sum up his AlphaSights experience in one word, former client service associate Devin Welsh, who now runs his own digital business, provided a simple but inspiring answer:

“People! Because we hire great people!”

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A few of our Hong Kong alumni

Current Associate Erik Gustavsen, who joined our corporate accounts team earlier this year, also attended the Reconnect event. We went out to coffee to hear more about the night: 

Were you excited for the event ahead of time?

Yes! Definitely. I decided to attend for a couple of reasons. One was simply to get to know the alumni and discover what/how they were doing in their new ventures. Another was that it was a great opportunity to have some fun with colleagues outside of the office.

alphasights career life
Erik (left) discussing a client brief with AlphaSights Vice President Matt Meyer

Who did you get a chance to speak to during the dinner?

I had a really great conversation with Jonathan Patterson. Jonathan spent four years with AlphaSights in the firm’s early days and was the first-ever corporate team manager in London office. Upon leaving AlphaSights, Jonathan completed an MBA at HKUST Business School and secured his dream-job at Tennis Australia. Having joined AlphaSights a few months ago, Jonathan’s story both impressed and inspired me due to the experiences he amassed and the professional confidence he possessed. I imagine a lot of his success can be attributed to the responsibility and challenges he was given during his time at AlphaSights.

How did Jonathan describe his time at AlphaSights?

Since he joined the company in its early stages, Jonathan’s time at AlphaSights sounded very much like my own previous start-up experience; turbulent and entertaining with pleasant surprises and challenges hidden around most corners. Things moved very fast and the team was constantly innovating to meet new types of requests and clients. I guess the biggest difference between then and now is the fact that our methods and ways of working are more consistent, because things are still moving pretty fast! Jonathan explained that experiencing both a fast-paced but rewarding environment at AlphaSights, and a well-structured environment at a bank, gave him a good idea of his desired career path and ideal working environment.

What was your biggest takeaway from the event?

Like many others, I’ve never known exactly what I wanted to be. Besides Jonathan, there were other AlphaSights alumni present who worked anywhere from finance and business development to the fitness world. But regardless of the paths they’ve taken, they share similar positive experiences and skills from their time at AlphaSights. The event left me feeling confident that even if I choose to leave AlphaSights at some point, I’ll be happy and thankful for what I’ll have learned throughout my time with the firm, and that the skills I’m currently developing will enable me to secure my best possible ‘next step’.

alphasights career life
Present AlphaSights team members and alumni pose for a group picture 

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