AlphaSights Reconnect: Catching up With AlphaAlums

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At AlphaSights, we believe that career development is a top priority. When people move jobs, they shouldn’t necessarily lose the relationship they’ve formed with their previous employer or coworkers. Therefore, we welcome alumni back, allowing employees to learn from their experiences and discover how to best leverage the skills developed here. We feel strongly about building an expansive alumni network and hosting different events to connect former and current employees.

A few weeks ago, we hosted a Reconnect event in our New York and London offices. AlphaAlumni and employees met for a Friday happy hour to expand their network and catch up with each other. The London office even got to take advantage of its new office rooftop!

alphasights alumni
Happy hour in the London Office

Courtney Bell, former Manager on AlphaSights’ client service team said,

“[It was] a great opportunity to catch up with former colleagues who played such a pivotal role during my time at AlphaSights. Seeing the new office was also a testament to how much AlphaSights has achieved in just 10 years and a wonderful reminder of how each of us were able to contribute to that. Looking forward to the next event!”

We continue to be proud and impressed of our alumni’s achievements. Many have gone on to work for top private equity firms, highly esteemed banks, and Fortune 500 companies like Google. A few AlphaSights employees shared their thoughts on the event:

alphasights connect
Current and former members of the Client Protection team catch up in New York


“The Reconnect event was an awesome opportunity for current AlphaSights employees to catch up with alumni in a casual, fun setting while showing off the new office! For me, it was the first time that myself, Neena (my previous manager), and Chloe (my current manager) had been together in years. It was great to swap stories, share team progress and wins, and learn about what Neena was doing post-AlphaSights. I’d definitely attend another Reconnect event in the future!” — Emily Van Horn, Manager, Client Protection

“It was great to connect with old colleagues and friends, learn about what they’re doing now and hear how they’ve implemented their experience and learnings from AlphaSights into their current roles.” — Johannes Koch, Vice President, Private Equity

Professional development is offered for employees within their tenure at AlphaSights and beyond. The team ensures that employees have the resources and skills they need to forge their own career path.

“They say it takes a village, and that rings true when thinking about professional development. The more we learn from others, the more we can discover about ourselves. One of the best ways to learn is from those who’ve walked in the shoes before you; you have a common language and background. They serve as advisors and mentors, challenging you to think in ways you may not have before. Alpha Alums have always maintained relationships with each other, but through Reconnect, they can maintain their relationship with the company and build new connections with alumni and employees along the way.” — Lauren Lipsky, Manager, Career Services and Alumni Relations

It may not be standard across companies, but for us it’s common that employees end up in a wide variety of industries and professions post-AlphaSights. Many pursue business school or a law degree. Others go into finance, tech, or social impact groups. Wherever your path is, AlphaSights’ professional development team works closely with you to provide training, career counseling, and networking opportunities.

Thanks to everyone who planned the events! AlphaSights Reconnect NY & London were great successes. Looking forward to reconnecting again at the next event in late September!

alphasights alumni