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  • Teresa Rolfes
Life & Careers

For the past eleven years, I have travelled, lived, studied, and worked all over the world. The desireto continuously move and explore cultures, people and countries has become an essential part of who I am. Originally from Germany, I went to school in New Zealand, volunteered in Ecuador, spent an exchange semester in Singapore, ran a consulting project in Brazil and studied in The Netherlands.

At AlphaSights I found an international company culture and a job with a truly multi-national dimension. My first days in the London office proved to me that I had found what I was looking for. I was working alongside Italians, Americans, Germans, Swedes, Scots and a few Englishmen of course! I felt at home. In a city that is notoriously difficult to settle into, AlphaSights could not have provided me with a smoother transition.

The nature of the job itself was the second thing that convinced me that I had made the right move. Our clients often have diverse backgrounds themselves and work on projects across sectors and geographies. The work we do is fast paced and often unpredictable. Day in day out, we’re dealing with human beings, each with their own business culture. We stay ahead by adapting to every new person we engage with and always putting their needs first.

Finally, delivering round-the-clock on projects with an international focus means we frequently work with colleagues in other offices. Working seamlessly across time zones and sharing best practice is key. The AlphaSights office exchange is just one way to make sure we maintain a global company culture and continue to operate as an effective global business. In February this year, I was selected for the programme and spent some time in New York – the largest of our four offices. The opportunity to help each other develop strategies to improve workflows and learn from each other’s trials and triumphs was an extremely exciting and empowering experience. It confirmed to me that this really is the international company I was looking for!


Teresa joined AlphaSights in October of 2013 and serves as an Associate on our Private Equity segment.