AlphaSights Associates: Future Proofing Your Career

  • by AlphaSights
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Following our London MD Andrew Heath's talk with The Economist, we read up on the future of work and how essential it is to develop your soft skills in order to future-proof your career.

The automation of labour has resulted in a reduction of production costs and an increase in work efficiency but has made long-term career paths more uncertain. With robots now becoming faster, smarter and cheaper than human labour, discussions around the future of human jobs have increased. The concept of job sustainability, therefore, stretches further than the criteria of location, industry and salary. It now includes the skills a human needs to be able to outperform machines.

Our London MD, Andrew Heath (Third from right), discussing the future of work at a debate hosted by The Economist.


One of the reasons for AlphaSights’ success is that at no point has there been attempts to replace the human deductive component of our work with machinery or algorithms. The value of human reasoning has remained essential to the success of client service and, whilst using technology to increase productivity is encouraged, we recognise that technology is unable to develop the kind of human relationships needed for a successful people-driven business.

Our Associate role focuses on building the soft skills i.e negotiation, sales and B2B communication and creative problem solving that reduce the likelihood of human labour being replaced by technology. Daily interactions with advisors and clients will sharpen your ability to communicate with demanding and culturally diverse individuals within a business context. Project work expands your capacity to read between the lines and think deductively, ensuring that relevant experts do not go unspotted. Our projects are driven by our clients, which means that Associates need to think on their feet and adapt to new situations and ways of thinking, often balancing multiple projects and requests at the same time. These skills are developed in a commercial environment where success is driven not only by targets but by the human desire to exceed client expectations.

If you are interested in applying for our Associate Programme, you can read more and apply here