A Day In The Life: Luna Aizarani

  • Luna Aizarani
Life & Careers

Luna is a manager on our Client Services team for strategy consulting clients. She started in AlphaSights’ Dubai office in 2017 after graduating from the American University of Beirut with a degree in architecture. 

7:30 am - I usually wake up and briefly check my emails to make sure I take care of important clients or any issues that may have occurred overnight. After that, I make some coffee and get ready for my day.

8:30 am - I meet my colleague and friend, Tala, downstairs and we take a cab over to work together to arrive in office by 8:45 am. From there, I go to the kitchen to grab a quick breakfast before the rest of my associates arrive and we’re ready to start our day. 

 9:10 am - Our team meets for ‘boards’ to kick off the day. We go over all of our active projects at the moment and figure out which ones need to be prioritized. It’s important to know what everyone on my team is working on so we can determine who needs support and who’s working on tougher projects. We use boards to align as a team on what needs to get done first thing and lay out an agenda and objectives for our day.

9:30 am - Emails begin pouring in and my team and I begin to sift through client requests, advisor responses, and tackle any other administrative tasks like scheduling. We hop on the phone with clients and potential advisors to make sure we connect our clients with the the most valuable industry experts.

10:00 am - I was recently elevated to manager so my responsibilities are changing a bit. I go over best delivery practices and business development initiatives throughout the day with my team to ensure client account success. This means everyone on my team has a solid understanding of what the client needs, how to develop client relationships, and the different products we’re able to offer them as a firm. 

Luna and her colleagues, Tala and Ahmad,
celebrating their elevation to manager!

12:00 pm - Around lunchtime, we have another quick check-in with the team to see how everyone’s doing after the morning. Afterwards, we all go downstairs to a salad place in our building and eat lunch together. It’s a nice time to take a quick break and catch up with people around the office. 

1:00-3:00 pm - A large majority of the afternoon is spent in various meetings, as I begin to shift my focus to higher-level visions and planning. I meet with my partner consulting team in London once a week as I oversee project sharing initiatives across regions and learn about global best practices from the team. Dubai’s smaller office size has allowed me to take on more of a leadership role, so now that I’m fully transitioned into the manager position, it’s important that I’m briefed on global initiatives and projects around the globe.

After I meet with the team in London, my team and I sit down to discuss our team vision for 2019 and how to improve operations and increase efficiency at the team level. We brainstorm new processes that can be put into place that will improve proactivity for clients but also maintain a healthy work-life balance. 

3:30 pm - It’s time to interview a candidate for the associate role! Our office is rapidly growing and I love participating in hiring top talent that will enable our business to succeed. I conduct a first-round behavioral interview with a candidate and she does great! I decide she fits the firm’s values and will pass her on to the second round.

One thing I enjoy about working in a smaller office is that I’m involved in different areas of the business. I help our Recruiting team strategize about engaging candidates at universities and I meet with managers across the business units to form our office-wide objectives.

5:30 pm - Today, our monthly yoga class is being held in office. It’s a great way to destress from the day and get in a good workout. I really love how driven our office is when it comes to our work as well as our mental health and stress management. 

6:30 pm - It’s Thursday which means it’s the start of the weekend! In Dubai, our work week is Sunday-Thursday so our whole office typically goes to the Hotel next door to grab a glass of wine after work. I’ve grown to be close friends with everyone in the Dubai office because we work hard together and celebrate wins through happy hours and office and team events. For example, the other week my team had a spa day! 

Luna and her team at the spa for a team event

I really enjoy my days at AlphaSights because I never know what projects, clients, or advisors will get thrown my way. I get to work with the most incredible people and learn and develop new skills along the way. My advice to associates just beginning their career at AlphaSights would be to keep an open mind and absorb everything you can in your first few months. I’m so grateful I got to start my career at AlphaSights and I can’t wait to see what this next chapter as manager brings!

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