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What is Knowledge Search?

March 15 |

We live in a world where data is at our fingertips. Technology allows us to search practically anything, but the sheer amount of information available makes it difficult to discern what’s important and what’s not. For businesses, finding the right information is vital. However, searching can be costly and a waste of time. Often, the right information is nearly impossible to find.

In addition to data overload, information that’s widely available isn’t as valuable to companies who want to gain a competitive edge from accessing it. Knowledge that lives in people’s minds, rather than data accessed in public reports and websites, is the key to our clients’ success.

For executives making high-stakes decisions, what’s most useful is a combination of information and perspective gained through a deeper, human understanding of how things work, formed through years — sometimes decades — of experience in a field. AlphaSights connects clients to this knowledge, which is dispersed and hidden in the minds of individuals.

So what is a knowledge gap?

It’s a given that one person can’t know everything. In the ever-changing business world, these are known as knowledge gaps. Whether you’re entering a new market, understanding layers of customer insights, or staying up-to-speed on industry innovations, people constantly need to consult with other experts to close the gap in their own professional expertise. With our services, AlphaSights provides clients with hard-to-find insights by facilitating conversations with industry professionals who can address their niche questions. Through these interactions, companies are given a true advantage in any industry across the globe.

Where does AlphaSights come in?

The expert network industry was created about 20 years ago when businesses recognized the value of outsourcing primary research. They could communicate with seasoned industry professionals and condense hours of research in a short phone call. At expert network firms, self-electing experts register to be part of a network to which paying clients have access. Expert network firms facilitate a call or meeting between the client and the chosen consultant. This service proved highly beneficial for hedge funds, private equity firms, and consultancies who were able to get up-to-speed on new projects quickly. When faced with critical decisions, companies gained valuable insights, giving them either the confidence to go through with a deal or the hesitation to avoid a bad deal.

As the industry expanded, investment professionals relying on expert networks found that many calls were subpar because experts did not perfectly fit their needs. Databases became stagnant and insights from self-elected experts weren’t as helpful as they shared information with competing clients. This is why AlphaSights was created.

Max Cartellieri and Andrew Heath founded AlphaSights in 2008 to solve the disconnect between the expert and client. They pioneered the knowledge-search industry, rather than the expert network industry, to custom recruit the perfect experts for clients rather than connecting them to a database. AlphaSights individually vets each industry professional against the client’s unique needs. This allows AlphaSights to operate without limit and in any industry across the globe.

Since 2008, AlphaSights has grown from a small office suite in London to nine global offices with dedicated Client Service Teams (CST) serving four main segments: strategy consulting, capital markets, corporations, and private equity. The other population at AlphaSights consists of specialist functions that provide the support needed for us to serve our clients and employees as best as possible. Our 1500+ professionals work under the shared belief that unlocking knowledge powers progress for professionals, businesses, and society. By enabling leaders to gain a full understanding of a product, industry, or market, we equip change-makers with the right knowledge to make better decisions, improve critical thinking, and propel their business forward. In doing so, we drive powerful change and disrupt industries.