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Influencing Social Change: A Conversation With a KFG Account Manager

October 07 |

After graduating from the London School of Economics, Jakob Muratov began his career as a Client Service Manager in AlphaSights’ London office. He serves AlphaSights’ consulting accounts, focusing on Nordic-based clients. Initially drawn to AlphaSights for its fast-paced, high-impact environment, Jakob values the autonomy he’s given to run his book of business with a close-knit team, as well as own an account on our social impact segment, Knowledge for Good (KFG). We sat down with Jakob to talk about his experience on KFG and why he enjoys working with one of our partners, CDC Group.

Why did you decide to get involved in KFG?

KFG was one of the key reasons I decided to apply to AlphaSights. Knowledge For Good is our social impact business unit, providing our premium services to impact investors, nonprofits, and innovative organizations that aim to tackle social problems the world faces today for low or no cost. Its mission aligns with my interests in social policy, finance, and development economics. It means a lot to me that we help underserved communities without access to resources and support them in ways that other businesses and industries aren’t generally able.

I started working on KFG projects four months into my role at AlphaSights. At the time, my mentor was a KFG account owner and we often partnered on work, granting me insight into social impact projects and their positive, long-term influence. I like working on KFG projects because they’re different from my normal, day-to-day projects for our consulting clients. The majority of KFG projects focus on markets in developing countries, so I get to explore industries and economies beyond Western Europe and America.

A group of KFG volunteers in our London office

Can you tell us what it’s like to be an account manager and work with CDC group?

Working as an account manager is great fun! To provide a bit of context, CDC Group is a development finance institution owned by the UK government. CDC Group invests in emerging economies in Africa and South Asia.  

I’ve enjoyed the exposure I’ve gained to a wide variety of industries that I wouldn’t otherwise have on our commercial accounts. For example, I’ve worked on projects covering the Ugandan dairy industry and the e-commerce market in India. For the latter project, AlphaSights helped facilitate conversations with former executives at major disruptive e-commerce platforms and ensured the client had face-to-face contact with our expert. The conversations proved immensely valuable, as our client was able to market map disruptors and how they use these types of platforms in South Asia.

Additionally, the account manager role allows me to work in much closer proximity with our clients and the people they impact — which isn’t common on my projects with consulting clients. I work with my KFG clients to identify their knowledge gaps and understand how expert conversations help drive their plans forward to ultimately support an underserved community or target economy. Working on projects from beginning to end, and seeing a holistic picture of their initial objectives and final impact, is not only rewarding for me but also an incredibly valuable service for our partners.

Jakob Muratov joined AlphaSights in September of 2017 and serves as a Client Service Manager in our London office.