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How the Manager Development Program Accelerated My Career

December 21 |

Audrey Huth, Vice President on our Consulting account, began her corporate career with AlphaSights. She joined our Manager Development Program, which is an accelerated path on our Client Service Team where you can reach a manager position in 12 months. We sat down with her to talk through why she decided to join AlphaSights, how the program shaped her experience, and what she’s accomplished within the firm since.

How long have you been at AlphaSights and what brought you to the firm?

After graduating from Northwestern University, I used my 5th year of track eligibility to continue pursuing my athletic goals and completed a Master’s at Duke University while running track. After Duke, I didn’t feel ready to leave the world of college athletics, so I returned to Northwestern and became an assistant cross country and track coach for two years. I absolutely loved it but ultimately wanted to pursue a career with more stability. In July 2016, I joined AlphaSights for the fast-track career path to manager. AlphaSights felt like a place where I could combine so many of the things I loved about coaching—a fast-paced, competitive environment where I’d work alongside young adults to achieve our goals, use strategic and critical thinking, and work in teams— all within a commercial setting. 

How did your past experience positively contribute to the Manager Development Program?

My experience in recruiting and coaching young athletes translated well to managing a team at AlphaSights. I led and worked through team dynamics when I coached to achieve goals together, setting a vision and culture that helped create an inclusive environment. Eventually, at AlphaSights, I was training new joiners to achieve a common goal. As I was promoted through the Manager Development Program, I also began to actively participate in the recruitment process to bring new talent into the organization.

What’s the nature of the work as a Manager and the impact it creates?

I learned to navigate high-pressure, high-stakes situations quickly. Through the Manager Development Program, I had accelerated project management responsibilities. By month three, I was fully up and running on delivering tangible results for clients, even managing some projects and accounts myself, while sharpening my negotiation skills to close out requests in a timely manner. At this point, I could tangibly see the program’s impact through my client relationships and growing their book of business. Around six months, I led project teams and received some exposure to training new joiners. I was always interested in training colleagues in a work setting and couldn’t believe how fast I could achieve this goal at AlphaSights. 

Audrey and her team at the annual holiday party.

How has this program positively impacted your career growth?

Coaching and training has always been a passion of mine, and at AlphaSights, I could apply these in a commercial environment. I springboarded into a management role quickly while taking on accelerated commercial responsibilities. I’ve had opportunities to make a firm-wide impact and grow a sphere of influence to work on higher-level and impactful projects for the firm. I’m now a Vice President of one of our large consulting segments after 4 years here and feel that my career pivot to AlphaSights has given me immense opportunity to reach this pinnacle of success. 

What did you love most about the Manager Development Program?

I loved the accelerated timeline to elevation. I became a manager in 12 months, which is what sold me on AlphaSights in the first place. Understanding what I had to do to reach the next step motivated me to get to where I wanted to go. With the accelerated timeline, I had responsibility and opportunity presented a lot quicker than most others get in 12 months at a new firm. 

What advice would you give someone who is considering joining this program?

You enter the program as an associate, learning how our business functions. It’s crucial to understand this role, to then learn how you can grow quickly within the organization. The more you understand, the more you will be able to achieve. Think beyond the associate role and where you want to go next— use this opportunity to springboard yourself into a manager role quickly. I always give the same advice: think about the skills you want to gain and why. Think through what fulfills you and why or how this role could fit into your career path. Go all in on your goals. 

Where do you see your career going in the next 3 to 5 years? What are your ultimate career goals? 

I’d love to continue having a greater regional or global impact on the firm, beyond the business unit I currently oversee. I love managing and coaching people, and always want this to be a part of my role. Eventually, I want to start my own business— something that combines my values, passions, and strengths to make a positive and sustainable impact. 

If you’re interested in joining the Manager Development Program or AlphaSights in general, check out our open positions!

Audrey Huth is a Vice President on our consulting account. She joined AlphaSights in 2016 through our Manager Development Program.