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How I’ve Brought My Personal Passions Into the Workplace

July 29 |

After joining AlphaSights, coming from a corporate mid-sized publicly-traded organization, I quickly realized that this company was an incredibly special organization. Every organization talks about its “culture”, features it in marketing materials, and references it at every press conference or public address, but AlphaSights truly bleeds its culture from every orifice.

The foremost component in AlphaSights’ culture? Ownership. That means not only identifying a problem or pursuing your interest areas, but adopting the problem or interest as your focus and responsibility, developing initiatives around it, putting a team together, and following it through to completion. The most incredible part is that AlphaSights encourages you to take ownership of things that have nothing to do with the fundamental job but that impact the company in some other way – they are completely extracurricular, but AlphaSights takes these interests and passions of yours and incorporates them as a part of your overall performance and effectiveness as an AlphaSights employee.

My particular passion has always been bringing people together around a common interest and eliminating perceived barriers, and at AlphaSights, I have been able to run wild with this. I made it known very early on that I had a serious knack for creating and planning social events and outings for my various groups of friends and that I had even taken this passion into my first job by founding a company-sponsored young professionals social interest group. At AlphaSights, I was tapped to lead the Social and Connectedness house that encompasses 9 committees and about 50 members, which host internal and external events, conferences, outings, and development sessions for AlphaSights employees. With these groups, I’ve been able to share my passion for event planning and social networking with my peers and helped to facilitate lasting memories and relationships. AlphaSights enabled me to seamlessly incorporate my passion into my day-to-day activities.


Justin joined AlphaSights in March of 2014 and served as a Manager of our Capital Markets segment.