From the Startup Space to AlphaSights

In July 2014 I moved from Boston to San Francisco, trading snow and brownstones for palm trees and the Sierras. If that’s not cliché enough, just wait, because I went to work at a startup. OrderAhead hired me to help expand sales and operations from the Bay Area to LA. After two great years in the role, I set my sights on a new opportunity that would provide the resources of a larger company with the excitement of fast, global growth. Enter AlphaSights.

When I discovered AlphaSights, I quickly realized that the skills I gained at OrderAhead—sales, negotiation, and market research—would serve as a strong foundation for my potential role as an Associate. I also recognized, after two years at a startup, that there were significant benefits to a larger company with a global presence; specifically structure, career clarity, and security.

AlphaSights is well past its startup phase with offices around the world. AlphaSights has just been ranked again as one of the fasting growing companies in the world by the Financial Times. We’re an established, high-growth company that’s maintained a couple of primary benefits of a startup environment:

  1. Working with our consulting clients, I am exposed to some of the most interesting topics out there: from sports ticket pricing to drone applications, satellites to radioactive isotopes, craft beer to semiconductors, there is always fascinating project work here. The nature of the way we split up our workstreams into teams makes this role not only dynamic and fun but also educational as we break down the value chain of all these exciting industries. I feel like I’m learning something new every day!
  2. Our culture is a high energy, results-oriented, and fun. We’re all driven to grow the business individually and as a team. And we’re each empowered to turn our ideas into reality to make a positive impact on AlphaSights. Just as important, we have a lot of fun together, whether at monthly team events like rock climbing, our legendary summer parties, or margaritas and dollar oysters at Friday happy hour.

AlphaSights was a smart move for me. It continues to be an unparalleled opportunity to develop skills, work on interesting projects, and be a part of a community of great people. Check out this video to see what it’s like to be part of the AlphaSights team in San Francisco.

Peter Campfield joined AlphaSights in August of 2016 and serves as an Associate in the San Francisco office.

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